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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Methods and procedures for automatic collection and management of data acquired from on-the-go sensors with application to on-the-go soil sensors.Peets, Sven; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem; Blackburn, Kim; Kuang, Boyan Y.; Wiebensohn, Jens
2006Methods for Engineering Change Propagation AnalysisRutka, A.; Guenov, Marin D.; Lemmens, Y.; Schmidt-Schäffer, T.; Coleman, P.; Rivière, A.
2006Methods for measuring shrinkageChapman, Paul; Templar, Simon
Jan-2008Methods of enhancing the sustainability and scale of community based disaster risk managementVenton, Paul
2002Methods to reduce the thermal conductivity of EB-PVD TBCs.Nicholls, J. R.; Lawson, K. J.; Johnstone, A.; Rickerby, D. S.
1-Apr-2009A Method to Analyze PSS from the Viewpoints of Function, Service Activity, and Product BehaviorHara, T.; Arai, T.; Shimomura, Y.
Jul-2014A Method to Support the Requirements Trade-Off of Integrated Vehicle Health Management for Unmanned Aerial SystemsHeaton, Andrew Edward
1993Metro-freight : the automation of freight transportationClarke, Mike
3-Nov-2015Microalgae for municipal wastewater nutrient remediation: mechanisms, reactors and outlook for tertiary treatmentWhitton, Rachel; Ometto, Francesco; Pidou, Marc; Jarvis, Peter; Villa, Raffaella; Jefferson, Bruce
Jan-2014Microalgae to energy: biomass recovery and pre-treatments optimisation for biogas production integrated with wastewater nutrients removalOmetto, Francesco
5-Oct-2015The micro-architecture of human cancellous bone from fracture neck of femur patients in relation to the structural integrity and fracture toughness of the tissueGreenwood, Charlene; Clement, J. G.; Dicken, A. J.; Evand, J. P. O.; Lyburn, I. D.; Martin, R. M.; Rogers, K. D.; Stone, N.; Adams, G.; Zioupos, Peter
Oct-2011Microarray sensors for detecting airborne explosivesCaygill, J. S.
Jan-2008Microbial and non-microbial volatile fingerprints: Potential clinical applications of electronic nose for early diagnoses and detection of diseasesSahgal, Natasha
30-Jun-2015Microbial dynamics during various activities in residential areas of Lahore, PakistanNasar, ZA; Sidra, S; Ali, Z; Sultan, S; Ahmed, D; Colbeck, I
2011The Microbial Habitability of Weathered Volcanic Glass Inferred from Continuous Sensing TechniquesBagshaw, Elizabeth A.; Cockell, Charles S.; Magan, Naresh; Wadham, Jemma L.; Venugopalan, T.; Sun, Tong; Mowlem, Matt; Croxford, Anthony J.
2002The microbial metabolism of, orth-di- and ortho-polyalkyl substituted aromatic hydrocarbons and the application of bacteria to the remediation of the natural environmentTaylor , Frank
Feb-2010Microbial processes and bacterial populations associated to anaerobic treatment of sulfate-rich wastewaterSarti, Arnaldo; Pozzi, Eloisa; Chinalia, Fabio A.; Ono, Alexandre; Foresti, Eugenio
2007Microbial volatile fingerprints: potential use for soil/water diagnostics and correlation with traditional microbial parametersBastos, Ana Catarina
2007Microbial volatile fongerprints : potential use for soil / water diagnostics and correlation with traditional microbial parametersBastos , A. C.
Dec-2010Microbiological and chemical characterization of traditional cheese made from milk produced by the Algarvian goat breedRatao, Isabel Maria Carneiro
Showing results 4468 to 4487 of 7554