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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2009Metadata Reference Model for IPS2 Lifecycle ManagementAbramovici, M.; Neubach, M.; Schulze, M.; Spura, C.
Jun-2014Metaldehyde and its relationship with groundwater contamination and landfill leachateBullock, Max
Oct-2001Metallurgical investigation of hyperbaric welding at pressures to 250-bar for repairs to deep sea pipelinesNosal , P. E.
Apr-2007A metamodel to annotate knowledge based engineering codes as enterprise knowledge resourcesBermell-Garcia, Pablo
1992The metaphors of the voluntary/non-profit sector organisingKay, R.
Sep-2009Metering practice and policy : an examination of battery electromagnetic meter calibration, performance and verificationThomas, Alun Lewis
Jul-2011Methane management in sewage treatmentCookney, Joanna
Oct-2003Methane production, emission and control during MSW landfilling.Barry, D. L.; Smith, Richard; Gregory, R. G.; Harries, C.
2010Methane-specific gas detectors: the effect of natural gas compositionHodgkinson, Jane; Pride, Russ D.
Dec-1984Methanol dehydrogenase biofuel cells and enzyme-based electrodesAston, W. J.
30-Jun-2016A method for assessing measurement precision and stability of optical probesNorman, James; Tonnellier, Xavier; Morantz, Paul
2009A method for generating a well-distributed Pareto set in nonlinear multiobjective optimizationUtyuzhnikov, S. V.; Fantini, Paolo; Guenov, Marin D.
Mar-1956A method for numerical evaluation of the integral...Nonweiler, T.
31-Mar-2009A Method of Analyzing Complexity by Effects and Rapid Acquisition of the Most Ideal Solution Based on TRIZZhang, P.; Liu, F.; Zhang, D. R.; Tan, R. H.
May-1957A method of optimizing aircraft autostabilizer systemsWolkovitch, J.
1-Apr-2009A Method of Supporting Conflict Resolution for Designing ServicesAkiyama, Y.; Shimomura, Y.; Arai, T.
2007Methodological approach for the assessment of environmental effects of agroforestry at the landscape scale.Palma, João H. N.; Graves, Anil R.; Burgess, Paul J.; Keesman, K. J.; van Keulen, Herman; Mayus, Martina; Reisner, Y.; Herzog, F.
Apr-2000A Methodological Approach to Process IntensificationWood, Mark D.
4-Jun-2009Methodological variation in headspace analysis of liquid samples using electronic noseKnobloch, Henri; Turner, Claire; Spooner, Andrew; Chambers, Mark
2010Methodology and theory evaluation of overall equipment effectiveness based on marketAnvari, Farhad; Edwards, Rodger; Starr, Andrew G.
Showing results 4421 to 4440 of 7533