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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2010Model-based energy optimisation of a small-scale decentralised membrane bioreactor for urban reuseVerrecht, Bart; Maere, Thomas; Benedetti, Lorenzo; Nopens, Ingmar; Judd, Simon J.
25-Sep-2013Model checking for decision making behaviour of heterogeneous multi-agent autonomous systemChoi, J
1997A model for manufacturing cell job redesignGassmann, Robert
2004A model for predicting dissolved organic carbon distribution in a reservoir water using fluorescence spectroscopyGoslan, Emma Harriet; Voros, Sandrine; Banks, Jenny; Wilson, Derek; Hillis, Peter; Campbell, Andrew T.; Parsons, Simon A.
2007Model for predicting heat generation and temperature in friction stir welding from the material propertiesColegrove, Paul A.; Shercliff, H. R.; Zettler, R.
Sep-2005A Model for sustainable biomass electricity generation in BangladeshHossain, A. K. M. S.
9-Jun-2014A model for using self-organized agents to visually map environmental profilesOyekan, John; Gu, Dongbing; Hu, Huosheng
31-Dec-2013Modeling a complex production line using virtual cellsFerreira, Luís Pinto; Ares Gómez, Enrique; Peláez Lourido, Gustavo; Tjahjono, Benny
2007Modeling bromate formation during ozonationJarvis, Peter; Parsons, Simon A.; Smith, Rosie
2007Modeling environmental benefits of silvoarable agroforestry in Europe.Palma, João H. N.; Graves, Anil R.; Bunce, R. G. H.; Burgess, Paul J.; de Filippi, R.; Keesman, K. J.; van Keulen, Herman; Liagre, F.; Mayus, Martina; Moreno, G.; Reisner, Y.; Herzog, F.
7-Sep-2016Modeling gas turbine materials’ hot corrosion degradation in combustion environments from H2‐rich syngasSumner, Joy; Potter, Andrew; Simms, Nigel J.; Oakey, John
1-Feb-2005Modeling sediment yields in Italian catchments.van Rompaey, Anton; Bazzoffi, Paolo; Jones, Robert J. A.; Montanarella, Luca
2008Modeling shock waves in orthotropic elastic materialsVignjevic, Rade; Campbell, James C.; Bourne, Neil K.; Djordjevic, Nenad
2012Modeling soil bulk density at the landscape scale and its contributions to C stock uncertaintyTaalab, Khaled Paul; Corstanje, Ronald; Creamer, R.; Whelan, M. J.
3-Feb-2016Modeling the effects of concentration of solid nanoparticles in liquid feedstock injection on high-velocity suspension flame spray processMahrukh, Mahrukh; Kumar, Arvind; Gu, Sai; Kamnis, S.; Gozali, E.
2001Modeling the sampling volume for the skin blood oxygenation measurementsMeglinski, I. V.; Matcher, S. J.
7-Nov-2016Modelling and analysis of coupled flap-lag-torsion vibration characteristics helicopter rotor bladesCastillo Pardo, Alejandro; Goulos, Ioannis; Pachidis, Vassilios
2007Modelling and analysis of engineering changes in complex systemsLemmens, Yves Claude Jean
Oct-2011Modelling and analysis of soil wetting patterns under surfrace drip irrigationNaglic, Bostjan
Mar-2015Modelling and analysis of the techno-economic and social impacts of an algal oilMadugu, Fatima Usman
Showing results 4378 to 4397 of 7277