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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Production and quality assurance of solid recovered fuels using Mechanical- Biological Treatment (MBT) of waste: a comprehensive assessmentVelis, C. A.; Longhurst, Philip J.; Drew, Gillian H.; Smith, Richard; Pollard, Simon J. T.
19-Sep-2013Production localization factors: an industrial and literature based reviewBjelkemyr, Marcus; Wiktorsson, Magnus; Bruch, Jessica; Rösiö, Carin; Bellgran, Monica
2010The production of aflatoxin B1 or G1 by Aspergillus parasiticus at various combinations of temperature and water activity is related to the ratio of aflS to aflR expressionSchmidt-Heydt, Markus; Rüfer, C. E.; Abdel-Hadi, Ahmed; Magan, Naresh; Geisen, Rolf
Mar-1991Production of a lipase from a pseudomonad speciesSmith, Catherine J.
Aug-2009Production of extracellular enzymes by different isolates of Pochonia chlamydosporiaEsteves, Ivania; Peteira, Belkis; Atkins, Simon D.; Magan, Naresh; Kerry, Brian R.
Feb-1984A production system variable connectance modelBurbidge, John L.
1989Productivity and effects on quality in service operationsArmistead, Colin
31-Mar-2009Product Lifecycle Management Approach for SustainabilityDuque Ciceri, N.; Garetti, M.; Terzi, S.
31-Mar-2009The Product Piracy Conflict Matrix – Central Element of an Integrated, TRIZ-based Approach to Technology-based Know-how ProtectionSchuh, G.; Haag, C.
2011Product safety and security in the global supply chain: Issues, challenges and research opportunitiesMarucheck, Ann; Greis, Noel; Mena, Carlos; Cai, Linning
2005Products and services in cyberspacePeppard, Joe; Rylander, Anna
1988Products as arrays of cues : how do consumers evaluate competing brands?de Chernatony, Leslie
1-Apr-2009A Product-Service System Representation and Its Application in a Concept Design ScenarioKim, Y. S.; Wang, E.; Lee, S. W.; Cho, Y. C.
2010Product-Service Systems across Industry Sectors: Future Research Needs and ChallengesDurugbo, Christopher; Bankole, O. O.; Erkoyuncu, John A.; Tiwari, Ashutosh; Alcock, Jeffrey R.; Roy, Rajkumar; Shehab, Essam
2011Product Service Systems and Supply Network Relationships: An Exploratory Case StudyLockett, Helen L.; Johnson, Mark; Bastl, Marko; Evans, Stephen
1-Apr-2009Product/Service Systems Experiences – an International Survey of Swedish, Japanese, Italian and German Manufacturing CompaniesLindahl, M.; Sakao, T.; Sundin, E.; Shimomura, Y.
2012Product service systems for household waste preventionGottberg, Annika
1-Apr-2009Product-Service Systems – From Customer Needs to Requirements in Early Development PhasesEricson, A.; Müller, P.; Larsson, T. C.; Stark, R.
2011Product-service systems in health care: case study of a drug-device combinationMittermeyer, Stephan A.; Njuguna, James A. K.; Alcock, Jeffrey R.
2010Product-Service Systems Perspective for Framework Development for Assessing and Measuring System Maturity, System Readiness and Capability Readiness using Architecure FrameworksTetlay, Abideen
Showing results 4375 to 4394 of 5876