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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Optical assay for biotechnology and clinical diagnosisMoczko, Ewa; Cauchi, Michael; Turner, Claire; Meglinski, I. V.; Piletsky, Sergey A.
2005Optical coherence tomography with a Fizeau interferometer configurationCasaubieilh, P.; Ford, Helen D.; James, Stephen W.; Tatam, Ralph P.
2010Optical fiber sensing based on reflection laser spectroscopyGagliardi, G.; Salza, M.; Ferraro, P.; Chehura, Edmon; Tatam, Ralph P.; Gangopadhyay, T. K.; Ballard, N.; Paz-Soldan, D.; Barnes, J. A.; Loock, H-P; Lam, TT-Y; Chow, J. H.; De Natale, P.
2007Optical Fibre Grating Refractometers for Resin Cure Monitoring.Buggy, Stephen J.; Chehura, Edmon; James, Stephen W.; Tatam, Ralph P.
2010Optical fibre long period grating based selective vapour sensing of volatile organic compoundsTopliss, Stephen M.; James, Stephen W.; Davis, Frank; Higson, Seamus P. J.; Tatam, Ralph P.
Jun-2011Optical fibre long period grating sensors with nanostructured coatingsTopliss, Stephen M.
Feb-1994Optical frequency shifter using stimulated Brillouin scattering in fibre optic ring resonators.Khan, Omer Shahab
2013Optical gas sensing: a reviewHodgkinson, Jane; Tatam, Ralph P.
2012Optical Gas Sensor Fabrication Based on Porphyrin-Anchored Electrostatic Self-Assembly onto Tapered Optical FibersJarzebinska, Renata; Korposh, Sergiy; James, Stephen W.; Batty, William J.; Tatam, Ralph P.; Lee, Seung-Woo
Sep-2008Optical modulation of high-affinity biomolecules function via photochromic dyes : a step towards an artificial control of biological activityAnnan, Bernard Derek
1986Optimal advertising:Adstock and beyondDriver, John C.; Foxall, Gordon R.
2005Optimal Controller and Filter Realisations using Finite-precision, Floating- point Arithmetic.Whidborne, James F.; Gu, Da-Wei; Wu, Jun; Chen, Sheng
Oct-2012Optimal design and numerical analysis of a morphing flap structureDi Matteo, Natalia
2009Optimal design for inspection and maintenance policy based on the CCC chartChan, Ling-Yau; Wu, Shaomin
Feb-2011Optimal design of a composite active aeroelastic wingPerera, Melanie
Jan-2012Optimal design of a composite wing structure for a flying-wing aircraft subject to multi-constraintXu, Rongxin.
Jan-2012Optimal design of a flying-wing aircraft inner wing structure configurationHuang, Haidong
2009Optimal design of an aeroelastic wing structure with seamless control surfacesPerera, Melanie; Guo, Shijun J.
31-Mar-2009Optimal Design of Planar Paraller Manipulators 3 RRR Through Lower Energy ConsumptionRojas-Salgado, A. A.; Ledezma-Rubio, Y. A.
Apr-1986Optimal heat transfer design for district-heating and cooling pipelines in air-filled cavitiesBabus'Haq, Ramiz F.
Showing results 4088 to 4107 of 5972