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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1969The mechanical properties of anisotropic polymers: progress report no. 7Darlington, M. W.
19-Sep-2013Mechanical properties of three-phase polyamide 6 nanocompositesGendre, Laura; Abhyankar, Hrushikesh; Njuguna, James; Ermini, Valentina
Apr-2007Mechanical sludge disintegration for the production of carbon source for biological nutrient removal.Kampas, Pantelis; Parsons, Simon A.; Pearce, P.; Ledoux, S.; Vale, P.; Churchley, J.; Cartmell, Elise
2014Mechanics and composition of middle cerebral arteries from simulated microgravity rats with and without 1-h/d -Gx gravitationCheng, Jiu-Hua; Zhang, Li-Fan; Gao, Fang; Bai, Yun-Gang; Boscolo, Marco; Huang, Xiao-Feng; Zhang, Xiang
May-1982The mechanics of the steered wheels of a road vehicleKurt-Elli, H.
10-Jul-2000A Mechanism for the Erosion of EB PVD TBCSWellman, R. G.; Nicholls, J. R.
2008The mechanism of cryptolepine-induced cell deathAnsah, C.; Zhu, H.; Goderham, N. J.
Dec-1989The Mechanism of Dross Formation on Aluminium and Aluminium Magnesium AlloysImpey, S. A.
13-May-2005Mechanisms leading to post-supply water quality deterioration in rural Honduran communitiesTrevett, Andrew F.; Carter, Richard C.; Tyrrel, Sean F.
31-Mar-2009The Mechanisms of Construction of Generic Product Configuration with the Help of Business Object and Delay DifferentiationIzadpanah, S-H.; Gzara, L.; Tollenaere, M.
2013Media surface properties and the development of nitrifying biofilms in mixed cultures for wastewater treatment.Stephenson, Tom; Reid, E.; Avery, L. M.; Jefferson, Bruce
2009Medium PRF Schedules for Airborne Fire Control RadarAlabaster, Clive M.; Hughes, E. J.; Parry, S. M.; Wiley, D. A.; Matthew, J. H.; Davies, P. G.
2008Meeting report: risk assessment of tamiflu use under pandemic conditionsSinger, Andrew C.; Howard, Bruce M.; Johnson, Andrew C.; Knowles, Chris J.; Jackman, Simon; Accinelli, Cesare; Caracciolo, Anna Barra; Bernard, Ian; Bird, Stephen; Boucard, Tatiana; Boxall, Alistair; Brian, Jayne V.; Cartmell, Elise; Chubb, Chris; Churchley, J.; Costigan, Sandra; Crane, Mark; Dempsey, Michael J.; Dorrington, Bob; Ellor, Brian; Fick, Jerker; Holmes, John; Hutchinson, Tom; Karcher, Franz; Kelleher, Samuel L.; Marsden, Peter; Noone, Gerald; Nunn, Miles A.; Oxford, John; Rachwal, Tony; Roberts, Noel; Roberts, Mike; Sacca, Maria Ludovica; Sanders, Matthew; Straub, Jürg Oliver; Terry, Adrian; Thomas, Dean; Toovey, Stephen; Townsend, Rodney; Vouivoulis, Nikolaos; Watts, Chris
2012A membrane-based ELISA assay for the herbicide Isoproturon in soil samplesBaskeyfield, Damian E. H.; Davis, Frank; Magan, Naresh; Tothill, Ibtisam E.
2005Membrane Gas Absorbers for H2S Removal - Design, Operation and Technology Integration into Existing Odour Treatment Strategies.Jefferson, Bruce; Nazareno, C.; Georgaki, S.; Gostelow, P.; Stuetz, Richard M.; Longhurst, Philip J.; Robinson, T.
2011Membrane life estimation in full-scale immersed membrane bioreactorsAyala, D. F.; Ferre, V.; Judd, Simon J.
2014Menstrual management: a neglected aspect of hygiene interventionsParker, Alison; Smith, Jen; Verdemato, Tania; Cooke, Jeanette; Webster, James; Carter, Richard C.
23-Feb-2016Mercury and antimony in wastewater: fate and treatmentHargreaves, A. J.; Vale, P.; Whelan, J.; Constantino, C.; Dotro, G.; Cartmell, Elise
2013Mergers and Acquisitions in the EU low cost carrier market. A Product and Organisation Architecture (POA) approach to identify potential merger partners.Lenartowicz, M.; Mason, Keith J.; Foster, A.
2009Merging probabilistic data of multiple targets detected by multiple sensorsSpillings, J.; Tsourdos, A.; Silson, P.; White, B.
Showing results 3621 to 3640 of 6175