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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jan-2016Influence of microalgal N and P composition on wastewater nutrient remediationWhitton, Rachel; Le Mevel, Amandine; Pidou, Marc; Ometto, Francesco; Villa, Raffaella; Jefferson, Bruce
2013The Influence of Multiscale Fillers Rein forcement into Impact Resistance and Energy Absorption Properties of Polyamide 6 and Polypropylene Nanocomposite StructuresSilva, Francesco; Njuguna, James A. K.; Sachse, Sophia; Pielichowski, Krzysztof; Leszczynska, Agneska; Giacomelli, Marco
2009The influence of operating condition on acoustic emission (AE) generation during meshing of helical and spur gearHamzah, R. I. R.; Mba, David
2010Influence of operational variables in a hydrodynamic bearing on the generation of acoustic emissionMirhadizadeh, S. A.; Moncholi, E. P.; Mba, David
1988The influence of perceived risk on customers' perceptions of market structurede Chernatony, Leslie
Nov-2009Influence of physiological factors on growth, sporulation and ochratoxin A/B production of the new Aspergillus ochraceus groupingAbdel-Hadi, Ahmed; Magan, Naresh
19-Sep-2013Influence of processing parameters on forming quality of non-circular spinningXia, Qinxiang; Qu, Juxin; Lai, Zhouyi; Xiu-quan, Cheng
5-Jul-2016Influence of process parameters on carbonation rate and conversion of steelmaking slags – Introduction of the ‘carbonation weathering rate’Georgakopoulos, Evangelos; Santos, Rafael M.; Chiang, Yi Wai; Manovic, Vasilije
2004The influence of process variables on bioaerosol emission flux and exposure - estimating fugitive bioaerosol releases from static compost windrowsTaha, M. P. M.; Pollard, Simon J. T.; Sarkar, Ujjaini; Longhurst, Philip J.
2002Influence of refractive index matching on the photon diffuse reflectanceChurmakov, D. Y.; Meglinski, I. V.; Greenhalgh, D. A.
8-Apr-2016Influence of shot peening on high-temperature corrosion and corrosion-fatigue of nickel based superalloy 720LiGibson, G. J.; Perkins, K. M.; Gray, Simon; Leggett, A. J.
2004The Influence of Specimen Misalignment on Wear in Conforming Pin on Disk TestsGarcia-Prieto, I.; Faulkner, M. D.; Alcock, Jeffrey R.
Nov-1998Influence of subsonic aero engine design and flight routes on atmospheric pollutionLe Dilosquer, Marc
2007The influence of supply chains on a company's financial performanceJohnson, Mark; Templar, Simon
May-1976The influence of swirler design parameters on the aerodynamics of downstream recirculation regionKilik, Erol
2011Influence of temperature and packaging on physiological and chemical profiles of imported litchi fruitSomboonkaew, Nettra; Terry, Leon A.
Jan-2008The influence of the banking sector on central bank independence and inflation control : the of Lebanon between 1985 and 1991Nasser, Yassar
23-Jan-2013Influence of the number of samples on prediction error of visible and near infrared spectroscopy of selected soil properties at the farm scale.Kuang, Boyan Y.; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
Jan-1966The influence of turbulence on the structure and propagation of enclosed flamesLefebvre, A. H.; Reid, R.
2011The Influence of Water Activity and Temperature on Germination, Growth and Sporulation of Stachybotrys chartarum StrainsFrazer, Schale; Magan, Naresh; Aldred, David
Showing results 3364 to 3383 of 7078