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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Effects of swirl on intermittency characteristics in non-premixed flamesRanga Dinesh, K. K. J.; Jenkins, Karl W.; Kirkpatrick, M. P.; Malalasekera, W.
26-Apr-2017Effects of temperature on aging degradation of soft and hard lead zirconate titanate ceramicsPromsawat, Methee; Marungsri, Boonruang; Promsawat, Napatporn; Janphuang, Pattanaphong; Luo, Zhenhua; Pojprapai, Soodkhet
Sep-2011Effects of turbulence modelling on the analysis and optimisation of high-lift configurationsGuo, Chuanliang.
2006The effects of tyre systems on the depth and severity of compactionStranks, Simon Nicholas
17-Sep-2010Effects of upstream nozzle geometry on rectangular free jetsTipnis, T. J.
Apr-2017Effects of waveform model systematics on the interpretation of GW150914Abbott, B P; Davies, G S; LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration
Mar-2007The effects of wear on abradable honeycomb labyrinth sealsCollins, Dermot
15-Sep-2016Effects of μCT and FE resolution in expressing anisotropic properties in vertebral cancellous boneShanker, T.; Franceskides, C.; Gibson, M.; Clasper, J.; Adams, G.; Zioupos, Peter
2014Effects on logistic operations from RFID- and EPCIS-enabled traceabilityRingsberg, Henrik Anders; Mirzabeiki, Vahid
3-Jun-2016Efficacy of different caffeine concentrations on growth and ochratoxin A production by Aspergillus speciesAkbar, Asya Hussain; Medina, Ángel; Magan, Naresh
9-Feb-2017Efficacy of fungal and bacterial antagonists for controlling growth, FUM1 gene expression and fumonisin B 1 production by Fusarium verticillioides on maize cobs of different ripening stagesSamsudin, N. I.; Rodriguez sixtos higuera, Alicia; Medina, Ángel; Magan, Naresh
Sep-1948The efficiency of adiabatic expansionMorley, A. W.
Mar-2003The efficiency of chemical detectors.Manghani, S.; Ramsden, Jeremy J.
6-Nov-2016Efficient computational techniques for mistuning analysis of bladed discs: A reviewYuan, Jie; Scarpa, Fabrizio; Allegri, Giuliano; Titurus, Branislav; Patsias, Sophoclis; Rajasekaran, Ramesh
28-May-2017An Efficiently Parallelized High-Order Aeroacoustics Solver Using a Characteristic-Based Multi-Block Interface Treatment and Optimized Compact Finite DifferencingKhanal, B; Saddington, A; Knowles, K
26-Jan-2017Efficient method for aeroelastic tailoring of composite wing to minimize gust responseYu, Yang; Zhengjie, Wang; Guo, Shijun J.
2008An efficient multi-scale modelling approach for ssDNA motion in fluid flowBenke, Matyas; Shapiro, Evgeniy; Drikakis, Dimitris
2006An Efficient overloaded implementation of forward mode automatic differentiation in MATLABForth, Shaun A.
1-Nov-2016Efficient path planning algorithms for Unmanned Surface VehicleNiu, Hanlin; Lu, Yu; Savvaris, Al; Tsourdos, Antonios
Jun-2005Efficient phase unwrappingAI-Sawaf, Firas
Showing results 2486 to 2505 of 8525