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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Apr-2016Enhanced cell controller for aerospace manufacturingAsif, Seemal; Webb, Philip
2009Enhanced DC conductivity of low volume-fraction nano-particulate suspensions in silicone and perfluorinated oils.Wilson, Stephen A.; Libor, Zsuzsanna; Skordos, Alexandros A.; Zhang, Qi
10-Oct-2015Enhanced energy-storage performance and electrocaloric effect in compositionally graded Pb(1−3x/2)LaxZr0.85Ti0.15O3 antiferroelectric thick filmsZhao, Ye; Hao, Xihong; Zhang, Qi
2014Enhanced piezoelectric energy harvesting powered wireless sensor nodes using passive interfaces and power management approachGiuliano, Alessandro
2009Enhanced pyroelectric coefficient of antiferroelectric-ferroelectric bilayer thin filmsCorkovic, Silvana; Zhang, Qi
Oct-2009Enhanced pyroelectric effect through product property and its applicationsChang, Harrison Hoon Seok
2007Enhanced radiopacity austenitic stainless steel foilCraig, C. H.
2002Enhanced sensitivity fibre optic long period grating temperature sensor.Khaliq, Sarfraz; James, Stephen W.; Tatam, Ralph P.
2-Jun-2016Enhanced target detection in CCTV network system using colour constancySoori, U
15-Sep-2015Enhanced visualization of the flat landscape of the Cambridgeshire FenlandsPritchard, Oliver G.; Farewell, Timothy S.; Hallet, Stephen H.
13-Oct-2016Enhanced Volatile Organic Compounds emissions and organic aerosol mass increase the oligomer content of atmospheric aerosolsKourtchev, Ivan; Giorio, Chiara; Manninen, Antti; Wilson, Eoin; Mahon, Brendan; Aalto, Juho; Kajos, Maija; Venables, Dean; Ruuskanen, Taina; Levula, Janne; Loponen, Matti; Connors, Sarah; Harris, Neil R. P.; Zhao, Defeng; Kiendler-Scharr, Astrid; Mentel, Thomas; Rudich, Yinon; Hallquist, Mattias; Doussin, Jean-Francois; Maenhaut, Willy; Back, Jaana; Petaja, Tuukka; Wenger, John; Kulmala, Markku; Kalberer, Markus
2003The Enhancement of Confocal Images Of Tissues at Bulk Optical Immersion.Meglinski, I. V.; Bashkatov, A. N.; Genina, E. A.; Churmakov, D. Y.; Tuchin, V. V.
Dec-2016Enhancement of polar phases in PVDF by forming PVDF/SiC nanowire compositeHuang, Jie-Fang; Han, Song-Jia; Chen, Hui-Jiuan; Liu, Gui-Shi; Li, Gong-Tan; Wang, Yu-Cheng; Wang, Zi-Xin; Yang, Bo-Ru; Luo, Zhen-Hua; Shieh, Han-Ping D.
13-Dec-2016Enhancement of pyroelectric properties of lead-free 0.94 Na 0.5 Bi 0.5 TiO 3-0.06 BaTiO 3 ceramics by La dopingBalakt, Ahmed M.; Shaw, Christopher P.; Zhang, Qi
2013Enhancement of the Product Information Collaboration and Access in the Aerospace IndustryShehab, Essam; Fowler, C.; Rodriguez, Gil A; Abdalla, H. S.; Darwish, M.; Abdulhafed, H.; Ahmed, A.; Ahouie, H.; Alechnovic, A.; Paumes, C.; Tacchini, E.; Urbane, I.
Oct-2015Enhancing competitive advantage through successful lean realisation within the Aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industryAyeni, P.
31-Mar-2009Enhancing digital design data availability in the aerospace industryShehab, Essam; Bouin-Portet, M.; Hole, R.; Fowler, C.
2002Enhancing learning of operations management with a multimedia case studyLane, Robin
Feb-2016Enhancing microalgae attachment for biofilm-based photobioreactorsBhaiji, Tasneem
18-Nov-2015Enhancing properties of iron and manganese ores as oxygen carriers for chemical looping processes by dry impregnationHaider, Syed Kumail; Azimi, G.; Duan, Lunbo; Anthony, Edward J.; Patchigolla, Kumar; Oakey, John E.; Leion, H.; Mattisson, T.; Lyngfelt, A.
Showing results 2486 to 2505 of 8020