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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1956The effect of transition wires on the pressure distribution over a NACA 63A215 aerofoil sectionHarris, K. D.
4-May-2017The effect of trepanning speed of laser drilled acute angled cooling holes on the high temperature low cycle corrosion fatigue performance of CMSX-4 at 850°CMorar, N.; Roy, Rajkumar; Mehnen, Jorn; Nicholls, John R.; Gray, Simon
Nov-2007Effect of tufting on the mechanical behaviour of carbon fabric/epoxy compositesDell'Anno, Giuseppe
2007Effect of tufting on the response of non crimp fabric composites.Colin de Verdiere, Mathieu; Pickett, Anthony K.; Skordos, Alexandros A.; Witzel, Volker
Sep-2007The effect of tyres and a rubber track at high axle loads on soil compaction, Part 1: Single axle-studiesAnsorge, Dirk; Godwin, R. J.
Mar-2008The effect of tyres and a rubber track at high axle loads on soil compaction-Part 2: Multi-axle machine studiesAnsorge, Dirk; Godwin, R. J.
2010The effect of upstream duct boundary layer growth and compressor blade lean angle variation on an axial compressor performanceTemplalexis, I.; Pachidis, Vassilios; Pilidis, Pericles; Kotsiopoulos, P.
Oct-1970The effect of variations in relevance assessments in comparative experimental tests of index languagesCleverdon, Cyril W.
Sep-1955The effect of vibrations (sonic and subsonic frequencies) during the period of solidification on the mechanical properties of castings of gas turbine materials with special reference to H. R. Crown Max and Nimonic C. 75Jagaciak, Jerzy
2014The effect of volatilisation of refractory metal oxides on the cyclic oxidation of Ni-base superalloysBrewster, G.; Edmonds, I. M.; Gray, Simon
2012Effect of water immersion on the interlaminar and flexural performance of low cost liquid resin infused carbon fabric compositesDell'Anno, Giuseppe; Lees, Rebecca
Sep-2012Effect of welding thermal cycles on the heat affected zone microstructure and toughness of multi-pass welded pipeline steelsNuruddin, Ibrahim K.
Apr-2010The effect of weld residual stresses and their re-distribution with crack growth during fatigue under constant amplitude loadingLiljedahl, C. D. M.; Zanellato, O.; Fitzpatrick, M. E.; Lin, J.; Edwards, L.
Feb-2012Effect of wing flexibility on aircraft flight dynamicsQiao, Yuqing
Oct-2003Effect of Z-Fiber® pinning on the mechanical properties of carbon fibre/epoxy compositesTroulis, Emmanouil
Dec-2000Effect of Z-fibres(TM) on the delamination behaviour of carbon-fibre/epoxy laminatesCartié, Denis D. R.
Jul-2001The effect of Zinc-Cobalt electroplating on the hydrogen embrittlement of high strength steelHillier, Elizabeth M. K.
Dec-2014Effect on Fatigue Performance of Residual Stress induced via Laser Shock Peening in Mechanically Damaged 2024‐T351 Aluminium SheetSmyth, Niall
Nov-1979Effect on oxides on surface topography and thermal contact resistanceMian, M. N.
2016Effects and influence of the urea component of an organomineral fertiliser on phosphorus mineralisation in a low-P index arable and grassland soilAbubakar, Musa Ahmad
Showing results 2416 to 2435 of 8503