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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Experimental Characterisation of Swirl Stabilized Annular Stratified FlamesBonaldo, Alessio
2013Experimental determination of the overturning moment and net lateral force generated by a novel vertical axis wind turbine: experiment design under load uncertaintyKolios, Athanasios J.; Chahardehi, Amir Ebrahim; Brennan, Feargal P.
Mar-1986Experimental heat/mass transfer studies of turbulent wall-bounded jets associated with mechanicallly ventilated enclosuresMontazerin, N.
Jan-2007Experimental investigation and numerical modelling of composite-honeycomb materials used in Formula 1 crash structuresLamb, A. J.
Sep-1954An experimental investigation into some of the problems associated with stress diffusion in the vicinity of chord-wise cut-outs in the wing, and a comparison with existing theoriesBrown, L. W.
Aug-2011An experimental investigation into the correlation between Acoustic Emission (AE) and bubble dynamicsHusin, Shuib
Jan-1997Experimental investigation of attachment line transition on a large swept cylinderFlynn, G. A.
2009Experimental investigation of some aspects of insect-like flapping flight aerodynamics for application to micro air vehiclesAnsari, S. A.; Phillips, N.; Stabler, G.; Wilkins, P. C.; Zbikowski, Rafal; Knowles, K.
27-Jul-2016An experimental investigation of the combustion performance of human faecesOnabanjo, Tosin; Kolios, Athanasios; Patchigolla, Kumar; Wagland, Stuart Thomas; Fidalgo Fernandez, Beatriz; Jurado Pontes, Nelia; Hanak, Dawid Piotr; Manovic, Vasilije; Parker, Alison; McAdam, Ewan J.; Williams, Leon; Tyrrel, Sean F.; Cartmell, Elise
Apr-1954An experimental investigation of the pressure distributions on five bodies of revolution at Mach numbers of 2.45 and 3.19Marson, G. B.; Socha, W.; Keates, R. E.
Sep-1958An experimental investigation of the subsonic drag and pitching moment characteristics of slender cambered bodies with pointed noses and tailsHarris, K. D.
Mar-2015Experimental investigation of turbine-structure interactionFabre, Romain
Jun-1963Experimental investigation on a cropped delta wing with edge blowingAlexander, A. J.
2007Experimental observations of an 8ms-1 drop test of a metallic helicopter underfloor structure onto a hard surface: part 1Hughes, Kevin; Vignjevic, Rade; Campbell, James C.
2007Experimental observations of an 8 m/s drop test of a metallic helicopter underfloor structure onto water: part 2.Hughes, Kevin; Vignjevic, Rade; Campbell, James C.
2007Experimental observations on the response of 1 and 2 order fibre optic long period grating coupling bands to the deposition of nanostructured coatingsJames, Stephen W.; Cheung, C. S.; Tatam, Ralph P.
1991Experimental studies of vortex flaps and vortex platesRinoie, K.
Mar-1990Experimental Study of Radiation From Coated Turbine bladesHusain Al-taie, Arkan Khilkhal
Apr-1996Experimental study of slender vehicles at hypersonic speedsSingh, Amarjit
May-1960An experimental study of the lift and drag of single wedge sections in two dimensional transonic flow using the hydraulic analogyBugler, J. W.
Showing results 2400 to 2419 of 6867