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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2012Effect of constrained sintering on the piezoelectric properties of PZT thick filmsTillman, Mark
May-2010Effect of controlling ethylene on ripening of avocado cv. hass fruitMeyer, Marjolaine D.
Jun-2001Effect of cosolutes on polysaccharides gelation.Tsoga, Areti K.
Jun-1968The effect of curing conditions on the extent of cure of Polyester Resin Crystic 189 (Scot-Bader Ltd.)Smith, D. A.
2012The effect of current military maintenance practices and regulations on the implementation of Integrated Vehicle Health Management technologyEsperon Miguez, Manuel; John, Philip; Jennions, Ian K.
May-1962The effect of curvature on the stress concentrations around holes in shellsHoughton, D. S.; Rothwell, A.
31-Dec-2015Effect of deficit irrigation and methyl jasmonate application on the composition of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) fruit and leavesGiné-Bordonaba, Jordi; Terry, Leon A.
Jul-1959The effect of density on jet flow at subsonic speedsCraven, A. H.
9-May-2017Effect of different dielectrics on material removal rate, electrode wear rate and microstructures in EDMNiamat, Misbah; Sarfraz, Shoaib; Aziz, Haris; Jahanzaib, Mirza; Shehab, Essam; Ahmad, Wasim; Hussain, Salman
8-Aug-2016Effect of electromagnetic treatment on fatigue resistance of 2011 aluminum alloyMohin, M. A.; Toofanny, H.; Babutskyi, A.; Lewis, A.; Xu, Yigeng
26-Nov-2015Effect of elevated UV dose and alkalinity on metaldehyde removal and THM formation with UV/TiO2 and UV/H2O2Jefferson, Bruce; Jarvis, Peter; Bhagianathan, Govind Kannoly; Smith, Heather M.; Autin, Olivier; Goslan, Emma Harriet; MacAdam, Jitka; Carra, Irene
19Effect of engine, tank and propellant specific cost on single stage recoverable booster economicsCarton, Dennis S.
3-Oct-2017Effect of extrusion and compression moulding on the thermal properties of nylon-6/silica aerogel compositesKrishnaswamy, Suryanarayanan; Tinsley, Lawrence; Marchante, Veronica; Addepalli, Sri; Huang, Zhaorong; Abhyankar, Hrushikesh
2011Effect of fenpropimorph, prochloraz and tebuconazole on growth and production of T-2 and HT-2 toxins by Fusarium langsethiae in oat-based medium.Mateo, Eva M.; Valle-Algarra, Francisco M.; Mateo, R.; Jimenez, Misericordia; Magan, Naresh
2012Effect of fertilizer formulation and bioaugmentation on biodegradation and leaching of crude oils and refined products in soilsCoulon, Frederic; Brassington, Kirsty J.; Bazin, R.; Linnet, P. E.; Thomas, K. A.; Mitchell, T. R.; Lethbridge, Gordon; Smith, J. W. N.; Pollard, Simon J. T.
19-Sep-2013Effect of fibre treatments on mechanical properties of flax/tannin compositesZhu, Jinchun; Zhu, Huijun; Abhyankar, Hrushikesh; Njuguna, James
Jun-1969The effect of grain size on workhardening and superplasticity in Zn/0.4% Al AlloyNaziri, H.; Pearce, R.
Sep-1989The effect of grass cover on bank erosion.Tengbeh, G. Tamba
Jan-2010The Effect of Green Waste Composting on the Concentration and Composition of Ambient BioaerosolsPankhurst, Louise J.
12-Sep-2017Effect of handling characteristics on minimum time cornering with torque vectoringSmith, Edward N.; Velenis, Efstathios; Tavernini, Davide; Cao, Dongpu
Showing results 2400 to 2419 of 8802