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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Flexible Ultrathin PolyDVB/EVB Composite Membranes for the Optimization of a Whole Blood Glucose Sensor.Bridge, Kerry; Davis, Frank; Collyer, Stuart D.; Higson, Seamus P. J.
2004Flextensional ultrasonic motor using the contour mode of a square piezoelectric plate.Leinvuo, Joni T.; Wilson, Stephen A.; Whatmore, Roger W.
2006Flextensional ultrasonic piezoelectric micro-motor.Leinvuo, Joni T.; Wilson, Stephen A.; Whatmore, Roger W.; Cain, Markys G.
Dec-1955The flexure-torsion flutter of cambered aerofoils in cascadeCraven, A. H.
1996Flight control system architecture analysis and design for a fly-by-wire generic regional aircraftGautrey, Jim
Oct-2004Flight control system design for autonomous UAV carrier landingFitzgerald, Pio
Jul-1956Flight experiments on the boundary layer characteristics of a swept back wingAllen, L. D.; Burrows, F. M.
1965Flight techniques for the measurement of stability derivatives and aircraft responseLaure-Lean, D. W.
Jun-1964Flight test of a laminar flow swept wing with boundary layer control by suctionLanderyou, R. R.; Trayford, R. S.
Feb-2004Flood Disaster - The Role of Resources and Appraisal in Loss and CopingQuinn, Sarah L.
2010Flood perception and mitigation: The role of severity, agency, and experience in the purchase of flood protection, and the communication of flood informationSoane, Emma; Schubert, Iljana; Challenor, Peter; Lunn, Rebecca; Narendran, Sunitha; Pollard, Simon J. T.
Apr-2014Flow accelerated preferential weld corrosion of X65 steel in brineAdegbite, Michael Adedokun
Nov-1977Flow and heat transfers associated with impinging jets in crossflowsKabari, L.
Mar-2014Flow cytometry for rapid analysis of microbiological water qualityLipphaus, Patrick
Aug-2004Flow imaging using femtosecond-laser-induced two-photon fluorescenceKelman, J. B.; Greenhalgh, D. A.; Ramsay, Euan; Xiao, Dong; Reid, Derryck T.
Nov-1958The flow of chemically reacting gas mixturesClarke, J. F.
Feb-1958The flow over delta wings at low speeds with leading edge separationMarsden, D. J.; Simpson, R. W.; Rainbird, W. J.
1991Flow studies at hypersonic speedsBabinsky, Holger
Dec-1996Fluid mixing in rotor/stator mixersSparks, T.
12-Nov-2015Fluorescence based detection of bioaerosols to improve emissions characterization from environmental sourcesNasar, Zaheer Ahmad; Tyrrel, Sean F.
Showing results 2376 to 2395 of 6178