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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2007An engineering design knowledge reuse methodology using process modelling.Baxter, David; Gao, James X.; Case, Keith; Harding, Jenny; Young, Bob; Cochrane, Sean; Dani, Shilpa
2012Engineering difference: Matrix design determines community composition in wastewater treatment systemsHarris, J. A.; Baptista, J. D. C.; Curtis, T. P.; Nelson, A. K.; Pawlett, Mark; Ritz, K.; Tyrrel, Sean F.
19-Sep-2013Engineering management of gas turbine power plant co2 for microalgae biofuel productionMathew, Domoyi; Pilidis, Pericles; Di Lorenzo, Giuseppina
1-Apr-2009Engineering Network Configuration: Transition from Products to ServicesZhang, Y.; Srai, J.; Gregory, M.; Iakovaki, A.
Aug-2013Engineering scale-up and environmental effects of the calcium looping cycle for post-combustion carbon dioxide captureCotton, Alissa
31-Dec-2014Engineering scale-up challenges, and effects of SO2 on the calcium looping cycle for post combustion CO2 captureCotton, Alissa; Patchigolla, Kumar; Oakey, John E.
19-Jun-2015Engineering soil organic matter quality: Biodiesel Co-Product (BCP) stimulates exudation of nitrogenous microbial biopolymersRedmile-Gordon, Marc A.; Evershed, Richard P.; Kuhl, Alison; Armenise, Elena; White, Rodger P.; Hirsch, Penny R.; Goulding, Keith W.T.; Brookes, Philip C.
31-Mar-2009An Engineering-to-Biology Thesaurus To Promote Better Collaboration, Creativity and DiscoveryStroble, J. K.; Stone, R. B.; McAdams, D. A.; Watkins, S. E.
Oct-2013Engine exhaust plume mixing simulations for minimizing environmental emissions impactSpanelis, Apostolos
1988The English Graduate Enterprise Programme : student entrepreneurship intentions/research Spring 1987Brown, Robert
2006Enhanced biological treatment of spent metalworking fluids by prior removal of a polymerConnolly, Helen E.; van der Gast, Christopher J.; Wylie, Doug; Stephenson, Tom; Thompson, Ian P.
2009Enhanced DC conductivity of low volume-fraction nano-particulate suspensions in silicone and perfluorinated oils.Wilson, Stephen A.; Libor, Zsuzsanna; Skordos, Alexandros A.; Zhang, Qi
2014Enhanced piezoelectric energy harvesting powered wireless sensor nodes using passive interfaces and power management approachGiuliano, Alessandro
2009Enhanced pyroelectric coefficient of antiferroelectric-ferroelectric bilayer thin filmsCorkovic, Silvana; Zhang, Qi
Oct-2009Enhanced pyroelectric effect through product property and its applicationsChang, Harrison Hoon Seok
2007Enhanced radiopacity austenitic stainless steel foilCraig, C. H.
2002Enhanced sensitivity fibre optic long period grating temperature sensor.Khaliq, Sarfraz; James, Stephen W.; Tatam, Ralph P.
2003The Enhancement of Confocal Images Of Tissues at Bulk Optical Immersion.Meglinski, I. V.; Bashkatov, A. N.; Genina, E. A.; Churmakov, D. Y.; Tuchin, V. V.
2013Enhancement of the Product Information Collaboration and Access in the Aerospace IndustryShehab, Essam; Fowler, C.; Rodriguez, Gil A; Abdalla, H. S.; Darwish, M.; Abdulhafed, H.; Ahmed, A.; Ahouie, H.; Alechnovic, A.; Paumes, C.; Tacchini, E.; Urbane, I.
31-Mar-2009Enhancing digital design data availability in the aerospace industryShehab, Essam; Bouin-Portet, M.; Hole, R.; Fowler, C.
Showing results 1905 to 1924 of 6112