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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2000Effect of Z-fibres(TM) on the delamination behaviour of carbon-fibre/epoxy laminatesCartié, Denis D. R.
Jul-2001The effect of Zinc-Cobalt electroplating on the hydrogen embrittlement of high strength steelHillier, Elizabeth M. K.
Dec-2014Effect on Fatigue Performance of Residual Stress induced via Laser Shock Peening in Mechanically Damaged 2024‐T351 Aluminium SheetSmyth, Niall
Nov-1979Effect on oxides on surface topography and thermal contact resistanceMian, M. N.
1999Effects of agroforestry on farm biodiversity in the UK.Burgess, Paul J.
25-Apr-2014Effects of Biosolids-Derived Organomineral Fertilizers, Urea, and Biosolids Granules on Crop and Soil Established with Ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)Antille, Diogenes L.; Sakrabani, Ruben; Godwin, Richard J.
Jan-2006Effects of cattle manure on erosion rates and runoff water pollution by faecal coliforms.Ramos, María C.; Quinton, John N.; Tyrrel, Sean F.
11-Jul-2016The effects of changing chemistry on the shock response of basic polymersMillett, J.; Brown, E. N.; Gray III, G. T.; Bourne, Neill K.; Wood, D. C.; Appleby-Thomas, G. J.
2010Effects of channel surface finish on blood flow in microfluidic devicesPrentner, S.; Allen, David M.; Larcombe, L. D.; Marson, Silvia; Jenkins, Karl W.; Saumer, M.
Jan-2011Effects of configuration on the operation of membranes in membrane biological reactorsWinkler, Gudrun
Jan-2005The effects of driver training on simulated driving performanceDorn, Lisa; Barker, D.
Aug-2006Effects of drought and vegetation management on the establishment of 3 tree species in Northamptonshire, EnglandPanter, Jonathan Paul
2011Effects of EMFs from Undersea Power Cables on Elasmobranchs and Other Marine Species.Tricas, Timothy; Gill, Andrew B.
Jan-2014The effects of ethylene on sweetpotato storageAmoah, Robert Sarpong
19-Sep-2011The Effects of fibre pre-stressing on the impact performance of composite laminatesJevons, Matthew Paul
10-Jun-2014The effects of Gamma radiation on a PBX containing TATB and the fluoropolymer FK-800Connors, S C
23-May-2016The effects of junction interdiffusion and misfit dislocations on the efficiency of highly mismatched heterojunction photovoltaic devicesLane, DW; Mendis, BG; Treharne, RE; Durose, K
Dec-2004The effects of landfill leachate irrigation on the physio-chemical properties of Oxford clay and physiology of coppiced Salix viminalisMcDevitt, James
Apr-2011The effects of low and controlled traffic systems on soil physical properties, yields and the profitability of cereal crops on a range of soil typesChamen, W. C. T.
Jul-2001The effects of media size on the performance of biological aerated filters.Moore, Rebecca; Quarmby, Joanne; Stephenson, Tom
Showing results 1866 to 1885 of 6443