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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-1989The effect of pitch and yaw on the aerodynamic interference between two identical, unstaggered, axisymmetrical bodies whose centrelines are parallel and separated by 1.11 body diametersLlewelyn-Davies, D. I. T. P.
2011The effect of pre-weld rolling on distortion and residual stress in fusion welded steel plateCoules, Harry E.; Cozzolino, Luis D.; Colegrove, Paul A.; Wen, S.
Jul-2010The effect of residual stresses arising from laser shock peening on fatigue crack growthChahardehi, Amir Ebrahim; Brennan, Feargal P.; Steuwer, Axel
Nov-2013Effect of rolling on fatigue crack growth rate of Wire and Arc Additive Manufacture (WAAM) processed TitaniumQiu, Xundong
2010The effect of social desirability on self reported and recorded road traffic accidentsaf Wahlberg, Anders E.; Dorn, Lisa; Kline, T.
Jun-2014Effect of sodium rich pretreatments and processing conditions on microstructure and property evolution of sodium cobalt oxide thermoelectric materialsJakubczyk, Ewa
May-2008Effect of solute and matric potential on in vitro growth and sporulation of strains from a new population of Aspergillus flavus isolated in Italy.Giorni, Paola; Battilani, Paola; Magan, Naresh
2010Effect of solute stress and temperature on growth rate and TRI5 gene expression using real time RT-PCR in Fusarium graminearum from Spanish wheatMarin, P.; Jurado, M.; Magan, Naresh; Vazquez, C.; Gonzalez-Jaen, M. T.
Feb-2009The effect of specimen thickness on the shock propagation along the in-fibre direction of an aerospace-grade CFRP laminate.Hazell, P. J.; Stennett, C.; Cooper, G.
2013Effect of spiking strategy and ratio on calibration of on-line visible and near infrared soil sensor for measurement in European farmsKuang, Boyan Y.; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
Mar-1994The effect of sulphate reducing bacteria on the hydrogen absorption of cathodically protected high strength low alloy steelKilgallon, P. J.
1998Effect of surface suction on crossflow instability and transition occuring near a swept attachment-lineSmith, A.
2005The effect of TBC morphology on the erosion rate of EB PVD TBCsWellman, Richard G.; Deakin, M. J.; Nicholls, J. R.
2005The effect of TBC morphology on the erosion rate of EB-PVD TBC'sWellman, R. G.; Nicholls, J. R.; Deakin, M. J.
2009Effect of temperature and water activity on growth and ochratoxin A production boundaries of two Aspergillus carbonarius isolates on a simulated grape juice mediumTassou, C. C.; Natskoulis P. I.; Magan, Naresh; Panagou, Efstathios Z.
19-Sep-2013The effect of temperature changes on to quasi-static tensile and flexural performance of glass fibre reinforced PA66 compositesButterworth, Ian; Abhyankar, Hrushikesh; Westwood, Keith; Njuguna, James; Brighton, James; Mouti, Zakaria
2011Effect of the cross-linker on the general performance and temperature dependent behaviour of a molecularly imprinted polymer catalyst of a Diels-Alder reactionHenschel, H.; Kirsch, N.; Hedin-Dahlström, J.; Whitcombe, Michael J.; Wikman, S.; Nicholls, I. A.
Mar-1947The effect of the sweepback of delta wings on the performance of an aircraft at supersonic speedsRobinson, A.; Davies, F.T.
May-1991The effect of time-window constraints and fleet size on the cost of a distribution operationBarham, P. A. J.
Nov-2007Effect of tufting on the mechanical behaviour of carbon fabric/epoxy compositesDell'Anno, Giuseppe
Showing results 1794 to 1813 of 6297