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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Comparison of coal/solid recovered fuel (SRF) with coal/refuse derived fuel (RDF) in a fluidised bed reactor.Wagland, Stuart Thomas; Kilgallon, P.; Coveney, R.; Garg, A.; Smith, Richard; Longhurst, Philip J.; Pollard, Simon J. T.; Simms, Nigel J.
2012Comparison of different bead-beating RNA extraction strategies: An optimized method for filamentous fungiLeite, Goncalo M.; Magan, Naresh; Medina, Ángel
7-Jul-2017Comparison of dry matter losses and aflatoxin B1 contamination of paddy and brown rice stored naturally or after inoculation with Aspergillus flavus at different environmental conditionsMartin, Sara; Medina, Angel; Magan, Naresh
2013Comparison of high-order methods on unstructured gridsIqbal, Kashif H.
2011Comparison of joining efficiency and residual stresses in laser and laser hybrid weldingSuder, Wojciech; Ganguly, Supriyo; Williams, Stewart W.; Paradowska, A. M.; Colegrove, Paul A.
23-Mar-2016A Comparison of Leadership in Controlled Military DemocratisationO'Brien, T
21-Mar-2017Comparison of low-order aerodynamic models and RANS CFD for full scale 3D vertical axis wind turbinesDelafin, Pierre-Luc; Nishino, Takafumi; Athanasios, Kolios; Lin, Wang
23-Mar-2017A comparison of methods to quantify greenhouse gas emissions of cropping systems in LCAGoglio, Pietro; Smith, W. N.; Grant, B. B.; Desjardins, R. L.; Gao, X.; Hanis, K.; Tenuta, M.; Campbell, C. A.; McConkey, B. G.; Nemecek, T.; Burgess, Paul J.; Williams, Adrian G.
1-Feb-2001A comparison of modified K-ε turbulence models for buoyant plumesWorthy, Jude; Sanderson, V. E.; Rubini, Philip A.
21-Mar-2016Comparison of passive flow control methods for a cavity in transonic flowSaddington, Alistair J.; Thangamani, V.; Knowles, K.
Feb-1964Comparison of PERPRO tools grade N5 and N10 against grade N5D and N10DCollege of Aeronautics, (Cranfield)
2014A comparison of polymer film and glass collectors for concentrating solar powerSansom, Christopher L.; Comley, Paul; Bhattacharyya, Debabrata; Macerol, Nastja
4-Feb-2016Comparison of porcine thorax to gelatine blocks for woundMabbott, A; Carr, D J; Champion, Steve M.; Malbon, C
Sep-2000Comparison of self-referencing techniques for photothermal detection of trace compounds in waterHodgkinson, Jane; Johnson, Mark; Dakin, John P.
28-Dec-2016Comparison of semi-active control strategies for rocking objects under pulse and harmonic excitationsZanotti Fragonara, Luca
11-Jul-2017Comparison of sequential and integrated optimisation approaches for ASP and ALBAb Rashid, Mohd Fadzil Faisae; Tiwari, Ashutosh; Hutabarat, Windo
2002A comparison of the behind armour blunt trauma effects between ceramic faced and soft body armours caused by ballistic impactLewis, E. A.; Horsfall, Ian; Watson, Celia H.
Apr-1950A comparison of the calculated profile drag coefficients of various low drag wing sectionsDowlen, E. M.
Feb-2010Comparison of the disinfection by-product formation potential of treated waters exposed to chlorine and monochloramineBougeard, M. M.; Goslan, Emma Harriet; Jefferson, Bruce; Parsons, Simon A.
19-Sep-2013Comparison of the environmental impact of the crimson process with normal sand casting processZeng, Binxu; Salonitis, Konstantinos; Jolly, Mark R.
Showing results 1202 to 1221 of 8699