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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A comparative experimental study on the diagnostic and prognostic capabilities of acoustics emission, vibration and spectrometric oil analysis for spur gears.Tan, Chee Keong; Irving, Phil E.; Mba, David
2006A comparative experimental study on the use of acoustic emission and vibration analysis for bearing defect identification and estimation of defect sizeAl-Ghamd, Abdullah M; Mba, David
Jul-2011Comparative investigation of large eddy simulation and RANS approaches for external automotive flowsBrondolo, Luca
Aug-2008Comparative mesocosm study of biostimulation efficiency in two different oil-amended sub-antarctic soilsDelille, Daniel; Coulon, Frederic
Oct-2016Comparative noise performance of a coded aperture spectral imagerPiper, J; Yuen, P; Godfree, P; Ding, M; Soori, U; Selvagumar, S; James, D
12-Sep-2017Comparative power demand of mechanical and aeration imposed shear in an immersed membrane bioreactorBuzatu, P.; Nasser, M. S.; Qiblawey, H.; Judd, Simon J.
2005Comparative signal-to-noise analysis of fibre-optic based optical coherence tomography systemsFord, Helen D.; Beddows, R.; Casaubieilh, P.; Tatam, Ralph P.
2002Comparative Studies of PST Thin Films as Prepared by Sol-Gel, LDCVD and Sputtering TechniquesHuang, Zhaorong; Donohue, P. P.; Zhang, Qi; Williams, D.; Anthony, C. J.; Todd, M. A.; Whatmore, Roger W.
10-Mar-2017A comparative study of additively manufactured thin wall and block structure with Al-6.3% Cu alloy using cold metal transfer processCong, Baoqiang; Qi, Zewu; Qi, Bojin; Sun, Hongye; Zhao, Gang; Ding, Jialuo
22-Jul-2016Comparative study of alternative biofuels on aircraft engine performanceAzami, M. H.; Savill, Mark A.
21-Feb-2015Comparative study of evolution of residual stress state by local mechanical tensioning and laser processing of ferritic and austenitic structural steel welds.Sule, Jibrin; Ganguly, Supriyo; Coules, Harry E.; Pirling, T.
19-Apr-2007Comparative study of joining methods for a SMART aerospace applicationChau, Eric T F
21-Jul-2016A comparative study of multiple-criteria decision-making methods under stochastic inputsKolios, Athanasios; Mytilinou, Varvara; Lozano Minguez, Estivaliz; Salonitis, Konstantinos
12-Sep-2016A comparative study of the effectiveness of vibration and acoustic emission in diagnosing a defective bearing in a planetry gearboxElasha, Faris; Greaves, Matthew J.; Mba, David; Fang, Duan
Oct-2009Comparative study on the combustion and gasification of solid recovered fuels. Emphasis on residues characterisation and chlorine partitioningBalampanis, Dimitris E.
10-May-2008Comparing the antimicrobial effectiveness of NaCl and KCl with a view to salt/sodium replacement.Bidlas, Eva; Lambert, Ronald J. W.
2013Comparing the environmental impacts of alternative protein crops in poultry diets: The consequences of uncertaintyLeinonen, Ilkka; Williams, Adrian G.; Waller, Anthony H.; Kyriazakis, Ilias
2008Comparing the performance of market-based and accounting-based bankruptcy prediction modelsAgarwal, Vineet; Taffler, Richard J.
Oct-2012Comparison and evaluation of the Telehealth systems using a discrete event simulationGriscenko, Natalia
2010Comparison between disintegrated and fermented sewage sludge for production of a carbon source suitable for biological nutrient removalSoares, Ana; Kampas, Pantelis; Maillard, Sarah; Wood, Elizabeth; Brigg, Jon; Tillotson, Martin; Parsons, Simon A.; Cartmell, Elise
Showing results 1202 to 1221 of 8878