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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2005Applications of volatile fingerprint sensor arrays for rapid detection of environmental contaminantsCanhoto, Olinda
Jan-2016Assessment of occupational exposure to gasoline vapour at petrol stationsAlyami, Ahmed Rashid
2010Bacteria in heavy metal contaminated soil: diversity, tolerance and use in remediationPires, Carlos
Apr-2009Biodegradation of mixtures of pesticides by bacteria and white rot fungiGouma, Sofia
Dec-2010Biodiversity of mycotoxigenic aspergillus species in Egyptian peanuts and strategies for minimizing aflatoxin contaminationSultan, Yousef Yasseen Abdel-Rahmin
Aug-1997Bioremediation of the pesticides Dieldrin, Simazine, Trifluralin using tropical and temperate white-rot fungiElyassi, Ali
Jan-2004A development of a molecularly imprinted polymer: Specific for ochratoxin A: Theoretical and sensor applicationsTurner, Nicholas W.
May-2000The development of a solid-phase fermentation system for the production of pharmaceutically useful secondary metabolites in fungiAldred, David
Apr-2007Development of life marker chip technology for in-situ life detection on MarsWilson, P. K.
Apr-2004Dynamics and control of ochratoxigenic strains of Penicillium Verrucosum and Aspergillus Ochraceus in the stored grain ecosystemCairns-Fuller, Victoria
Dec-1993Dynamics of fungal growth in stored grainHamer, Alison
Aug-2004Early detection and differentiation of microbial spoilage of bread using electronic nose technologyNeedham, Rachel
Aug-2003Ecology and control of Fusarium species and mycotoxins in wheat grainHope, Russell
Jan-2008Ecology of A.carbonarius and ochratoxin A production in vine fruits and control in the production chainPateraki, Marianthi G.
Jul-2013Ecophysiological approaches to enhance production of the anti-cancer drug taxol by paraconiothyrium variabile and epiccocum nigrum and lysozyme by pichia pastorisSomjaipeng, Supunnika
Aug-2004Ecophysiological approaches to production and formulation of the biocontrol yeast Pichia anomalaMokiou, Stella
2007Ecophysiology and production of the biocontrol agent Phlebiopsis giganteaSwanwick , Susanne
2014Essential oils from Dittany of Crete for the control of botrytis cinerea on tomato, eggplant and pepper fruitsStavropoulou, Andriana
Dec-2012Extending the vase life of mixed flower bouquetsSuntipabvivattana, Niramon
Jan-2007Factors affecting the performance of ochonia Chlamydosporia as a biological control agent for nematodesEsteves, Ivania
Showing results 1 to 20 of 47