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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2008Anaerobic Digestion Foaming CausesGanidi, Nafsika
May-2014Anaerobic ponds for domestic wastewater treatment in temperate climatesCruddas, Peter
Nov-2014Carbon dioxide utilisation in anaerobic digesters as an on-site carbon revalorisation strategyBajón Fernández, Yadira
Jun-2015Developing a nutrient recovery process for recovering nutrients in anaerobic digestate in low income countriesRose, Christopher
Jan-2014Enhancing the removal of a diverse range of hazardous chemicals from wastewatersPetrie, Bruce
Sep-2009An evaluation of the fate and behaviour of endocrine disrupting chemicals during anaerobic digestion of sewage sludgePaterakis, Nikolaos
Oct-2005Fate and removal of pharmaceuticals during sewage treatmentThompson, Andrew
Dec-2010The fate of endocrine disrupting chemicals during activated sludge treatmentBagnall, John Peter
Sep-2006In situ remediation of atrazine contaminated groundwaterPearson, Robert
Mar-2013Integrated risk assessment of endocrine disruptors in the Uruguay RiverMiguez Carames, Diana Margarita
Nov-2010Mesophilic anaerobic digestion monitoring using a headspace Carbon Dioxide methodGreggio, Ellen
2005Occurence and fate of triclosan and tetracycline in full-scale wastewater treatment plantsWinkler, Gunrun
Sep-2008Potential of ultrasound treatment for sludge reductionMinervini, Davide
Jan-2014Quantification of greenhouse gas emissions in biological wastewater treatmentAboobakar, Amina
Sep-2005Remediation of bromate contaminated groundwaterButler, R. M.
Feb-2007Sidestream treatment for improved BNR process performanceKampas, Pantelis
Sep-2012Using the activated sludge model 2d (ASM2d) to understand and predict the phosphorus accumulating organisms mechanism in enhanced biological phosphorus removal in relation to disintegrated sludge as a carbon sourceBoontian, Nittaya
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17