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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1951The equations of motion and energy and the velocity profile of a turbulent boundary layer in a compressible fluidYoung, A. D.
Mar-1951Measurements of the pressure distribution on swept back wings with trailing edge split flaps: summary of wind tunnel work at the College of Aeronautics 1948 - 50Babister, A. W.
Apr-1951Vibrations of a swept boxRadok, J. R. M.
Apr-1951Tests on the general instability of a stiffened metal cylinder under axial compressionHeald, W. R.
Apr-1951The use of a potential flow tank for testing axi-symmetric contraction shapes suitable for wind tunnelsBabister, A. W.; Marshall, W. S. D.; Lilley, G. M.; Sills, E. C.; Deards, S. R.
Apr-1951The evaluation of matrix elements for the analysis of swept-back wing structures by the method of oblique coordinatesLewis, S. R.
Sep-1951Stability of the compressible laminar boundary layer with an external pressure gradientLaurmann, J. A.
Nov-1951Theoretical stability derivatives of a highly swept delta wing and slender body combinationNonweiler, T.
Dec-1951An investigation of boundary layer effects on two dimensional supersonic aerofoilsZienkiewicz, H. K.
Jan-1952Stress distribution near a rectangular cut-out in a reinforced circular cylinder due to direct shear loading and torque. part 1, test resultsHenson, G. S.
Jan-1952An investigation of the noise field from a small jet and methods for its reduction.Westley, R.; Lilley, G. M.
Feb-1952The potential due to a source moving through a compressible fluid and applications to some rotary derivatives of an aerofoilWestley, R.
Feb-1952The distribution of pressure over the surface of wings of small aspect ratioMarshall, W. S. D.
Mar-1952Aileron reversal and divergence of swept wings with special consideration of the relevant aerodynamic and elastic characteristicsRadok, J. R. M.
Apr-1952Optimum climb technique for a jet propelled aircraftKelly, L
Apr-1952Dynamic aeroelasticity of aircraft with swept wingsRadok, J. R. M.
Apr-1952The determination in flight of the body drag and the mean blade profile drag coefficient of a helicopterBartholomew, F. E.; Marshall, W. S. D.
May-1952An investigation of the flexure-torsion flutter characteristics of aerofoils in cascade.Lilley, G. M.
May-1952Surface conduction of the heat transferred from a boundary layerNonweiler, T.
Jun-1952The theory of general instability of cylindrical shellsRadok, J. R. M.
Showing results 41 to 60 of 5837