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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2013Buckling and post-buckling of a composite C-section with cutout and flange reinforcementGuo, Shijun J.; Li, Daochun; Zhang, Xiang; Xiang, Jinwu
2011A cohesive zone model for predicting delamination suppression in z-pin reinforced laminatesBianchi, Francesco; Zhang, Xiang
12-May-2016Crack path selection at the interface of wrought and wire + arc additive manufactured Ti–6Al–4VZhang, Jikui; Zhang, Xiang; Wang, Xueyuan; Ding, Jialuo; Traoré, Yéli; Paddea, Sanjooram; Williams, Stewart W.
2005Damage Tolerance and Fail Safety of Welded Aircraft Wing PanelsZhang, Xiang; Li, Yazhi
2008Design and Modeling of Selective Reinforcements for Integral Aircraft StructuresBoscolo, M.; Allegri, Giuliano; Zhang, Xiang
1-Nov-2015Design and numerical modeling of a pressurized airframe bulkhead jointGiannopoulos, Ioannis K.; Theotokoglou, E. E.; Zhang, Xiang
2010Evaluating stress intensity factors due to weld residual stresses by the weight function and finite element methodsBao, Rui; Zhang, Xiang; Yahaya, N. A.
2011Evaluation of the intrinsic crack growth rates of weld jointsZhang, Xiang; Bao, Rui
2009Fail-Safe Design of Integral Metallic Aircraft Structures Reinforced by Bonded Crack RetardersZhang, Xiang; Boscolo, M.; Figueroa-Gordon, Douglas J.; Allegri, Giuliano; Irving, Phil E.
2010Fatigue crack growth behaviour and life prediction for 2324-T39 and 7050-T7451 aluminium alloys under truncated load spectraBao, Rui; Zhang, Xiang
2003Fatigue life improvement in fatigue-aged fastener holes using the cold expansion techniqueZhang, Xiang; Wang, Z.
2003Finite element analyses of mode I interlaminar delamination in z-fibre reinforced composite laminates.Grassi, Marcello; Zhang, Xiang
29-Nov-2016Fracture toughness and fatigue crack growth rate properties in wire + arc additive manufactured Ti-6Al-4VZhang, Xiang; Martina, Filomeno; Ding, Jialuo; Wang, X.; Williams, Stewart W.
3-Feb-2016Impact damage and CAI strength of a woven CFRP material with fire retardant propertiesGiannopoulos, Ioannis K.; Theotokoglou, E. E.; Zhang, Xiang
2006Improvement of low-velocity impact and compression-after-impact performance by z-fibre pinning.Zhang, Xiang; Hounslow, L; Grassi, Marcello
2010An inverse method for evaluating weld residual stresses via fatigue crack growth test dataBao, Rui; Zhang, Xiang
2011Life extension techniques for aircraft structures-Extending durability and promoting damage tolerance through bonded crack retardersIrving, Phil E.; Zhang, Xiang; Doucet, J.; Figueroa-Gordon, Douglas J.; Boscolo, M.; Heinimann, M.; Shepherd, G.; Fitzpatrick, M. E.; Liljedahl, D.
2014Mechanics and composition of middle cerebral arteries from simulated microgravity rats with and without 1-h/d -Gx gravitationCheng, Jiu-Hua; Zhang, Li-Fan; Gao, Fang; Bai, Yun-Gang; Boscolo, Marco; Huang, Xiao-Feng; Zhang, Xiang
2007On the Delamination Suppression in Structural Joints by Z-Fibre PinningAllegri, Giuliano; Zhang, Xiang
2008On the inverse power laws for accelerated random fatigue testingAllegri, Giuliano; Zhang, Xiang
Showing results 1 to 20 of 23