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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2007Asymmetry of domain forward switching and multilevel relaxation times of domain backswitching in antiferroelectric Pb0.99Nb0.02(Zr0.84Sn0.12Ti0.04)0.98O3 thin films.Jiang, A. Q.; Lin, Y. Y.; Tang, T. A.; Zhang, Qi
17-May-2016Ca(Mg1/3Ta2/3)O3 dielectric thin films: preparation, structure, mechanical and dielectric propertiesLi, Runrun; Zhou, Jing; Chen, Wen; Zhang, Qi; Bao, Yiwang Bao
2010Carbon-coated fluorinated graphite for high energy and high power densities primary lithium batteriesZhang, Qi; D'Astorg, S.; Xiao, P.; Zhang, X.; Lu, L.
9-May-2016Characterisation of lead barium zirconate thin films for utilisation of the electrocaloric effectShaw, Christopher P.; Zhang, Qi; Correia, T. M.; Weaver, P. M.
2006Compaction of lead zirconate titanate sol-gel coatings.Khan, Mikael A.; Kurchania, Rajnish; Corkovic, Silvana; Zhang, Qi; Milne, Steven J.
2002Comparative Studies of PST Thin Films as Prepared by Sol-Gel, LDCVD and Sputtering TechniquesHuang, Zhaorong; Donohue, P. P.; Zhang, Qi; Williams, D.; Anthony, C. J.; Todd, M. A.; Whatmore, Roger W.
2008Development of residual stress in sol-gel derived Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 films: An experimental studyCorkovic, Silvana; Zhang, Qi
2013Dielectric and tunability properties of the Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)1-xZrxO3 ceramicsPeng, Biaolin; Fan, Huiqing; Li, Q; Zhang, Qi
11-Aug-2016The effects of Ba2+ content on depolarization temperature and pyroelectric properties of lead-free 0.94Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3-0.06Ba1+xTiO3 ceramicsBalakt, A. M.; Shaw, Christopher P.; Zhang, Qi
2009Enhanced DC conductivity of low volume-fraction nano-particulate suspensions in silicone and perfluorinated oils.Wilson, Stephen A.; Libor, Zsuzsanna; Skordos, Alexandros A.; Zhang, Qi
2009Enhanced pyroelectric coefficient of antiferroelectric-ferroelectric bilayer thin filmsCorkovic, Silvana; Zhang, Qi
2003Fabrication of PZT actuated cantilevers on silicon-on-insulator wafers for a RF microswitch.Jiang, Hong Wen; Kirby, Paul B.; Zhang, Qi
2013A giant electrocaloric effect in nanoscale antiferroelectric and ferroelectric phases coexisting in a relaxor Pb0.8Ba0.2ZrO3 thin film at room temperaturePeng, Biaolin; Fan, Huiqing; Zhang, Qi
Dec-2006Giant electrocaloric effect in the thin film relaxor ferroelectric 0.9 PbMg1/3Nb2/3O3–0.1 PbTiO3 near room temperature.Mischenkoa, A. S.; Zhang, Qi; Whatmore, Roger W.; Scott, J. F.; Mathurb, N. D.
2012High dielectric non-linear properties of the Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)0.8(Sc1/2Nb1/2)0.2O3 ceramicsPeng, Biaolin; Fan, Huiqing; Li, Qiang; Zhang, Qi
2010High tunable dielectric response of Pb0.87Ba0.1La0.02 (Zr0.6Sn0.33Ti0.07) O3 thin filmCorreia, T. M.; Zhang, Qi
2013Impact of Crystallisation processes on depth profile formation in sol-gel PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3 thin filmsAulika, I.; Mergen, S.; Bencan, A.; Zhang, Qi; Dejneka, A.; Kosec, M.; Kundzins, K.; Demarchi, D.; Civera, P.
2013Impact of crystallisation processes on depth profile formation in sol-gel PbZr0·52Ti0·48O3 thin filmsAulika, I.; Mergen, S.; Bencan, A.; Zhang, Qi; Dejneka, A.; Kosec, M.; Kundzins, K.; Demarchi, D.; Civera, P.
3-Jun-2009Impact of Zr/Ti ratio in the PZT on the photoreduction of silver nanoparticles.Tiwari, Divya; Dunn, Steve; Zhang, Qi
2009Investigation of electrocaloric effect in PMN-PT relaxor thin filmsCorreia, T. M.; Young, J. S.; Whatmore, Roger W.; Scott, J. F.; Nathur, N. D.; Zhang, Qi
Showing results 1 to 20 of 38