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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Sep-2013Advances in Manufacturing Technology XXVII: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Manufacturing Research (ICMR2013)Shehab, Essam; Ball, Peter; Tjahjono, Benny
2011Allocation of quality control stations in multistage manufacturing systemsShetwan, Ali G.; Vitanov, Valentin I.; Tjahjono, Benny
13-Aug-2015Applying performance measures to support decision-making in supply chain operations: a case of beverage industryMoreira, Madalena; Tjahjono, Benny
19-Sep-2013Applying performance measures to support informed decision making at an operational levelMoreira, Madalena; Tjahjono, Benny; Juliao, Jorge
May-2007A decision support tool to facilitate the design of cellular manufacturing layoutsVitanov, Val; Tjahjono, Benny; Marghalany, I.
2001e-Knowledge: An Approach To Fostering Manufacturing Know-how At The Shop FloorTjahjono, Benny; Bin, Wu
2001Evaluation of a Manufacturing Task Support System using the Task Technology Fit Model.Tjahjono, Benny; Fakun, D.; Greenough, Richard M.; Kay, John M.
30-Apr-2012Evaluation of the changes in working limits in an automobile assembly line using simulationFerreira, Luís; Ares Gómez, E.; Peláez Lourido, G.; Resano Lázaro, A.; Luis Pérez, C. J.; Tjahjono, Benny
1-Jul-2016Exploring the sustainability dimension to position Portuguese Beiras region endogenous resources as green products in the global marketSoares Julião, Jorge Manuel; Calvete Gaspar, Marcelo Rudolfo; Tjahjono, Benny
2006Integrated Strategic Supply Chain Positioning for SMEs: An Empirical StudyLim, Roland Y. G.; Baines, Tim S.; Tjahjono, Benny; Chandraprakaikul, Watcharavee
2007An interactive electronic technical manual for an advanced aerospace assembly machine.Greenough, Richard M.; Tjahjono, Benny
2006Life-cycle-Based (LCB) online acquisition framework for supporting Mass Customisation (MC) in practice.Tang, S. J.; Tjahjono, Benny; Kay, John M.
Jun-2016Maximising the retained value of product cannibalisation based on circular economy principlesRipant, Eva; Tjahjono, Benny; Fan, Ip-Shing
31-Dec-2013Modeling a complex production line using virtual cellsFerreira, Luís Pinto; Ares Gómez, Enrique; Peláez Lourido, Gustavo; Tjahjono, Benny
2012A novel framework to link prognostics and health management and product-service systems using online simulationTeixeira, ELS; Tjahjono, Benny; Alfaro, SCA
Apr-2007A review of multi-factor capacity expansion models for manufacturing plants: Searching for a holistic decision aid.Julka, Nirupam; Baines, Tim S.; Tjahjono, Benny; Lendermann, Peter; Vitanov, Val
2006A Review of research in manufacturing prognosticsGoh, K. M.; Tjahjono, Benny; Baines, Tim S.; Subramaniam, S.
31-Dec-2011Simulation modeling of tool delivery system in a machining lineTjahjono, Benny; Ladbrook, J.
2011Simulation study for investment decisions on the EcoBoost camshaft machining lineLadbrook, J.; Tjahjono, Benny; Oakes, E.; de Sanabria Sales, R. R.; de Rueda, A. G.; Lizarazu, U.; Temple, Clive
2009Supporting shop floor workers with a multimedia task-oriented information systemTjahjono, Benny
Showing results 1 to 20 of 21