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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Bacteriophages - potential for application in wastewater treatment processes.Withey, S.; Cartmell, Elise; Avery, L. M.; Stephenson, Tom
Nov-2005Biomass characteristics, aeration and oxygen transfer in membrane bioreactors: their interrelations explained by a review of aerobic biological processesGermain, Eve; Stephenson, Tom
Mar-2007Biomass effects on oxygen transfer in membrane bioreactors.Germain, Eve; Nelles, F.; Drews, A.; Pearce, P.; Kraume, M.; Reid, E.; Judd, Simon J.; Stephenson, Tom
3-Mar-1999Biomodule - a combined structured and granulat media BAFWilliams, T. R.; Stephenson, Tom
3-Mar-1999Development of a novel lightweight media for Biological Aerated Filters (BAFS)Moore, R.; Quarmby, J.; Stephenson, Tom
12-Jun-1996Development of a recitculating plastic media Biological Aerated Filter (REBAF)Stephenson, Tom
2002Dinitrogen oxide production by a mixed culture of nitrifying bacteria during ammonia shock loading and aeration failureBurgess, Joanna E.; Colliver, Bettina B.; Stuetz, Richard M.; Stephenson, Tom
24-Oct-2016The effect of high hydraulic loading rate on the removal efficiency of a quadruple media filter for tertiary wastewater treatmentNcube, Philani; Pidou, Marc; Stephenson, Tom; Jefferson, Bruce; Jarvis, Peter
2009Effect of influent nutrient ratios and hydraulic retention time (HRT) on simultaneous phosphorus and nitrogen removal in a two-sludge sequencing batch reactor processWang, Yayi; Peng, Yongzhen; Stephenson, Tom
Aug-2002Effect of influent organic content on digested sludge extracellular polymer content and dewaterabilityHoughton, Jennifer I.; Stephenson, Tom
Jul-2001The effects of media size on the performance of biological aerated filters.Moore, Rebecca; Quarmby, Joanne; Stephenson, Tom
2006Enhanced biological treatment of spent metalworking fluids by prior removal of a polymerConnolly, Helen E.; van der Gast, Christopher J.; Wylie, Doug; Stephenson, Tom; Thompson, Ian P.
9-Feb-2017Enhancing the removal of hazardous pollutants from coke making wastewater by dosing activated carbon to a pilot‐scale activated sludge processRaper, Eleanor; Soares, Ana; Chen, J.; Sutcliffe, A.; Aries, E.; Anderson, D.; Stephenson, Tom
2004Feasibility of biological aerated filters (BAFs) for treating landfill leachate.Stephenson, Tom; Pollard, Simon J. T.; Cartmell, Elise
2004Feasibility of biological aerated filters (BAFs) for treating landfill leachateStephenson, Tom; Pollard, Simon J. T.; Cartmell, Elise
2009Fouling control of a membrane coupled photocatalytic process treating greywaterPidou, Marc; Parsons, Simon A.; Raymond, Gaelle; Jeffrey, Paul; Stephenson, Tom; Jefferson, Bruce
2007Greywater recycling: A review of treatment options and applicationsPidou, Marc; Memon, Fayyaz Ali; Stephenson, Tom; Jefferson, Bruce; Jeffrey, Paul
Sep-2006Impact of variable emission rates on odour modelling at WwTW’sStephenson, Tom; Callister, S.; Harper, P. L. S.
2013Media surface properties and the development of nitrifying biofilms in mixed cultures for wastewater treatment.Stephenson, Tom; Reid, E.; Avery, L. M.; Jefferson, Bruce
26-Jun-2016Mesh rotating reactors for biofilm pre-treatment of wastewaters – Influence of media type on microbial activity, viability and performanceHassard, Francis; Biddle, Jeremy R.; Cartmell, Elise; Stephenson, Tom
Showing results 1 to 20 of 28