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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Design selection methodology for composite structuresMonroy, Aceves C.; Skordos, Alexandros A.; Sutcliffe, Michael P. F.
2000Dielectric flow sensing in resin transfer moulding of carbon fibre reinforced composites.Skordos, Alexandros A.; Partridge, Ivana K.
2009Dielectric monitoring of carbon nanotube network formation in curing thermosetting nanocompositesBattisti, Andrea; Skordos, Alexandros A.; Partridge, Ivana K.
2000A dielectric sensor for measuring flow in resin transfer moulding.Skordos, Alexandros A.; Karkanas, Panagiotis I.; Partridge, Ivana K.
2005Drape optimization in woven composites manufacture.Skordos, Alexandros A.; Monroy, Aceves C.; Sutcliffe, Michael P. F.
2007Effect of tufting on the response of non crimp fabric composites.Colin de Verdiere, Mathieu; Pickett, Anthony K.; Skordos, Alexandros A.; Witzel, Volker
2009Enhanced DC conductivity of low volume-fraction nano-particulate suspensions in silicone and perfluorinated oils.Wilson, Stephen A.; Libor, Zsuzsanna; Skordos, Alexandros A.; Zhang, Qi
1996Evaluation of the behaviour of particulate polymeric coatings in a corrosive environment. Influence of the concentration of metal particlesKouloumbi, N.; Tsangaris, G. M.; Skordos, Alexandros A.; Kyvelidis, S.
2007Fibre grating refractometer sensors for composite process monitoringBuggy, Stephen J.; Chehura, Edmon; Skordos, Alexandros A.; Dimopoulos, A.; James, Stephen W.; Partridge, Ivana K.; Tatam, Ralph P.
2001Impedance cure and flow monitoring in the processing of advanced composites.Skordos, Alexandros A.; Partridge, Ivana K.
2004Inverse heat transfer for optimization and on-line thermal properties estimation in composites curing.Skordos, Alexandros A.; Partridge, Ivana K.
2002Investigation of cure induced shrinkage in unreinforced epoxy resin.Zarrelli, M.; Skordos, Alexandros A.; Partridge, Ivana K.
Sep-2000Modelling and monitoring of resin transfer mouldingSkordos, Alexandros A.
2012Modelling flow and filtration in liquid composite moulding of nanoparticle loaded thermosetsReia da Costa, Elisabete F.; Skordos, Alexandros A.
1997Modelling heat generation and transfer during cure of thermoset composites processed by resin transfer moulding (RTM)Skordos, Alexandros A.; Maistros, George M.; Turmel, Denis J-P; Partridge, Ivana K.
1999Monitoring and Heat Transfer Modelling of the Cure of Thermoset Composites Processed by Resin Transfer Moulding.Skordos, Alexandros A.; Partridge, Ivana K.
2009Monitoring dispersion of carbon nanotubes in a thermosetting polyester resinBattisti, Andrea; Skordos, Alexandros A.; Partridge, Ivana K.
14-Nov-2016Multi-objective optimisation of the cure of thick componentsStruzziero, Giacomo; Skordos, Alexandros A.
2006Multi-Objective Optimisation of Woven Composite Draping using Genetic Algorithms.Skordos, Alexandros A.; Sutcliffe, Michael P. F.; Klintworth, J. W.; Adolfsson, P.
2002A novel strain sensor based on the campaniform sensillum of insects.Skordos, Alexandros A.; Chan, P. H.; Vincent, J. F. V.; Jeronimidis, G.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 33