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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007The application of niobium and tantalum oxides for implant surface passivation.Starikov, V. V.; Starikova, S. L.; Mamalis, A. G.; Lavrynenko, S. N.; Ramsden, Jeremy J.
2008Attachment and spreading of human embryonal carcinoma stem cells on nanosurfaces monitored by optical waveguidesAref, Amirreza; Horvath, R.; Ansari, Farahnaz; Ramsden, Jeremy J.
Mar-2010Biological programmingRamsden, Jeremy J.; Bándi, Gergely
Sep-2009Chitosan–hydroxyapatite composite biomaterials made by a one step co-precipitation method: preparation, characterization and in vivo testsDanilchenko, S. N.; Kalinkevich, O. V.; Pogorelov, M. V.; Kalinkevich, A. N.; Sklyar, A. M.; Kalinichenko, T. G.; Ilyashenko, V. Y.; Starikov, V. V.; Bumeyster, V. I.; Sikora, V. Z.; Sukhodub, L. F.; Mamalis, A. G.; Lavrynenko, S. N.; Ramsden, Jeremy J.
Apr-2009DBT degradation enhancement by decorating Rhodococcus erythropolis IGST8 with magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticlesAnsari, Farahnaz; Grigoriev, P.; Libor, S.; Tothill, Ibtisam E.; Ramsden, Jeremy J.
2007The design and manufacture of biomedical surfacesRamsden, Jeremy J.; Allen, David M.; Stephenson, David J.; Alcock, Jeffrey R.; Peggs, G. N.; Fuller, G. D.; Goch, G.
Mar-2003The efficiency of chemical detectors.Manghani, S.; Ramsden, Jeremy J.
2008Ergonomic Chair Design by Fusing Qualitative and Quantitative Criteria using Interactive Genetic AlgorithmsBrintrup, Alexandra Melike; Ramsden, Jeremy J.; Takagi, Hideyuki
Sep-2006Evaluation of sequential, multi-objective, and parallel interactive genetic algorithms for multi-objective optimization problems.Brintrup, Alexandra Melike; Takagi, Hideyuki; Tiwari, Ashutosh; Ramsden, Jeremy J.
2005Films based on bacteriorhodopsin in sol-gel matricesKorposh, Serhiy O.; Sichka, M. Y.; Trikur, I. I.; Sharkan, Y. P.; Yang, D. H.; Lee, Seung-Woo; Ramsden, Jeremy J.
Sep-2008For the relief of man’s estate?Ramsden, Jeremy J.
2009Impact factors—a critiqueRamsden, Jeremy J.
2013The impact of Zero-valent Iron Nanoparticles upon Soil Microbial Communities is Context DependentPawlett, Mark; Ritz, Karl.; Dorey, Robert A.; Rocks, Sophie A.; Ramsden, Jeremy J.; Harris, Jim A.
2010The inefficiency of publicly funded researchRamsden, Jeremy J.
2008Influence of implant surface modification on integration with bone tissueKutsevlyak, V. I.; Starikova, S. L.; Starikov, V. V.; Mamalis, A. G.; Lavrynenko, S. N.; Ramsden, Jeremy J.
Jun-2005In situ observation of the evolution of porous silicon interference filter characteristics.Volk, J.; Ferencz, K.; Ramsden, Jeremy J.; Tóth, A. L.; Bársony, I.
2006Integrated optical devices using bacteriorhodopsin as active nonlinear optical materialDér, A.; Fábián, L.; Valkai, S.; Wolff, E.; Ramsden, Jeremy J.; Ormos, P.
2005Integrated qualitativeness in design by multi-objective optimization and interactive evolutionary computation.Brintrup, Alexandra Melike; Ramsden, Jeremy J.; Tiwari, Ashutosh
Sep-2005Inversion of values?Ramsden, Jeremy J.
1999Lag phases in the adsorption of lysozyme to Si(Ti)O2 surfaces in the presence of sodium thiocyanate. Part I. Phenomenology.Ball, Vincent; Lustig, Ariel; Ramsden, Jeremy J.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 41