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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Agricultural Futures and Implications for the Environment.Morris, Joe; Audsley, Eric; Wright, Iain A.; McLeod, Jim; Pearn, Kerry R.; Angus, Andrew; Rickard, Sean
2010Analysis of the 2007/8 Defra Farm Business Survey Energy ModuleWilliams, Adrian G.; Pearn, Kerry R.; Sandars, Daniel L.; Audsley, Eric; Parsons, David J.; Chatterton, Julia C.
2008The concepts and development of a participatory regional integrated assessment tool.Holman, Ian P.; Rounsevell, M. D. A.; Cojacaru, G.; Shackley, S.; McLachlan, C.; Audsley, Eric; Berry, P. M.; Fontaine, C.; Harrison, P. A.; Henriques, C.; Mokrech, M.; Nicholls, R. J.; Pearn, Kerry R.; Richards, J. A.
2010Food, land and greenhouse gases The effect of changes in UK food consumption on land requirements and greenhouse gas emissions. Report for the Committee on Climate Change.Audsley, Eric; Angus, Andrew; Chatterton, Julia C.; Graves, Anil R.; Morris, Joe; Murphy-Bokern, Donal; Pearn, Kerry R.; Sandars, Daniel L.; Williams, Adrian G.
2008The impact of future socio-economic and climate changes on agricultural land use and the wider environment in East Anglia and North West England using a metamodel systemAudsley, Eric; Pearn, Kerry R.; Harrison, P. A.; Berry, P. M.
1-Jul-2014Interactively modelling land profitability to estimate European agricultural and forest land use under future scenarios of climate, socio-economics and adaptationAudsley, Eric; Trnka, M.; Sabate, Santiago; Maspons, Joan; Sanchez, Anabel; Sandars, Daniel L.; Balek, Jan; Pearn, Kerry R.
2008An interactive multi-scale integrated assessment of future regional water availability for agricultural irrigation in East Anglia and North West England.Henriques, C.; Holman, Ian P.; Audsley, Eric; Pearn, Kerry R.
2006What can scenario modelling tell us about future European scale agricultural land use, and what not?Audsley, Eric; Pearn, Kerry R.; Simota, C.; Cojocaru, G.; Koutsidou, E.; Rounsevell, M. D. A.; Trnka, M.; Alexandrov, V.
Showing results 1 to 8 of 8