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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jun-2016Defining and quantifying the resilience of responses to disturbance: a conceptual and modelling approach from soil scienceTodman, Lindsay; Fraser, Fiona; Corstanje, Ronald; Deeks, Lynda; Harris, Jim A.; Pawlett, Mark; Ritz, Karl; Whitmore, A. P.
4-Apr-2016Demonstration of a multi-technique approach to assess glacial microbial populations in the fieldBarnett, Megan J.; Pawlett, Mark; Wadham, Jemma; Jackson, Miriam; Cullen, David C.
13-Oct-2016Distinct respiratory responses of soils to complex organic substrate are governed predominantly by soil architecture and its microbial communityFraser, Fiona; Todman, L.C.; Corstanje, Ronald; Deeks, Lynda; Harris, Jim A.; Pawlett, Mark; Whitmore, A.P.; Ritz, K.
2012Engineering difference: Matrix design determines community composition in wastewater treatment systemsHarris, Jim A.; Baptista, J. D. C.; Curtis, T. P.; Nelson, A. K.; Pawlett, Mark; Ritz, K.; Tyrrel, Sean F.
2010Fate and impact of organics in an immersed membrane bioreactor applied to brine denitrification and ion exchange regenerationMcAdam, Ewan J.; Pawlett, Mark; Judd, Simon J.
2013The impact of Zero-valent Iron Nanoparticles upon Soil Microbial Communities is Context DependentPawlett, Mark; Ritz, Karl.; Dorey, Robert A.; Rocks, Sophie A.; Ramsden, Jeremy J.; Harris, Jim A.
19-Jan-2016Nanoparticles within WWTP sludges have minimal impact on leachate quality and soil microbial community structure and functionDurenkamp, Mark; Pawlett, Mark; Ritz, Karl; Harris, Jim A.; Neal, Andrew L.; McGrath, Steve P.
6-Jul-2016On the origin of carbon dioxide released from rewetted soilsFraser, Fiona; Corstanje, Ronald; Deeks, Lynda; Harris, Jim A.; Pawlett, Mark
21-Sep-2016The potential for constructed wetlands to treat alkaline bauxite-residue leachate: phragmites australis growthHiggins, D.; Curtin, T.; Pawlett, Mark; Courtney, R.
3-Oct-2016Soil microbial community assembly precedes vegetation development after drastic techniques to mitigate effects of nitrogen depositionvan der Bij, A.U.; Pawlett, Mark; Harris, Jim A.; Ritz, K.; van Diggelen, R.
Showing results 1 to 10 of 10