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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Analyses of Power Output of Piezoelectric Energy-Harvesting Devices Directly Connected to a Load Resistor Using a Coupled Piezoelectric-Circuit Finite Element MethodZhu, Meiling; Worthington, Emma; Njuguna, James A. K.
2011The application of energy absorbing structures on side impact protection systemsNjuguna, James A. K.
2011Cellulose-Based Bio- and Nanocomposites: A ReviewKalia, Susheel; Dufresne, Alain; Cherian, Bibin Mathew; Kaith, B. S.; Avérous, Luc; Njuguna, James A. K.; Nassiopoulos, Elias
1-Aug-2012Coupled piezoelectric-circuit FEA to study influence of a resistive load on power output of piezoelectric energy devicesZhu, Meiling; Worthington, Emma; Njuguna, James A. K.
2012Design and Simulation of a Novel Bio-Mechanic Piezoresistive Sensor with Silicon NanowiresMessina, M.; Njuguna, James A. K.; Dariol, V.; Pace, C.; Angeletti, G.
2012The effect of nanoclay on dust generation during drilling process of polyamide 6 nanocompositesSachse, Sophia; Silva, Francesco; Zhu, Huijun; Irfan, Adeel; Leszczynska, Agneska; Pielichowski, Krzysztof; Ermini, Valentina; Blazquez, Maria; Kuzmenko, Oleksandr; Njuguna, James A. K.
2011Emission benefits in application of alternative fuels on racing car compression ignition enginesHerreros, José M.; Lapuerta, Magín; Lowe, Derek; Njuguna, James A. K.
2007Epoxy-based fibre reinforced nanocompositesNjuguna, James A. K.; Pielichowski, Krzysztof; Alcock, Jeffrey R.
31-Aug-2012Estimation of bending resistance of ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC) actuator following variable parameters pseudo-rigid body modelBandopadhya, Dibakar; Njuguna, James A. K.
2011Fabrication, Characterization and low-velocity impact testing of hybrid sandwich composites with polyurethane/layered silicate foam coresNjuguna, James A. K.; Michalowski, Slawomir; Pielichowski, Krzysztof; Kayvantash, Kambiz; Walton, A. C.
2012Finite element analysis of glass fiber-reinforced polyamide engine oil pan subjected to localized low velocity impact from flying projectilesMouti, Zakaria; Westwood, Keith; Long, Darren; Njuguna, James A. K.
2011Finite element analysis of localised impact loading on short glass fibrereinforced polyamide engine oil pan subjected to low velocity impact from flying projectilesMouti, Zakaria; Westwood, Keith; Long, Darren; Njuguna, James A. K.
21-Jun-2012Finite element dynamic simulation of whole rallying car structure: Towards better understanding of structural dynamics during side impactNassiopoulos, Elias; Njuguna, James A. K.
2007Flutter prediction, suppression and control in aircraft composite wings as a design prerequisite: a surveyNjuguna, James A. K.
2007Free vibration of a three-layered sandwich beam using the dynamic stiffness method and experimentBanerjee, J. R.; Cheung, C. W.; Morishima, R.; Perera, M.; Njuguna, James A. K.
2013The Influence of Multiscale Fillers Rein forcement into Impact Resistance and Energy Absorption Properties of Polyamide 6 and Polypropylene Nanocomposite StructuresSilva, Francesco; Njuguna, James A. K.; Sachse, Sophia; Pielichowski, Krzysztof; Leszczynska, Agneska; Giacomelli, Marco
2008Integration of polymer nanocomposites technologies for automotive applications: opportunities and environmental health challengesNjuguna, James A. K.; Peña, I.; Zhu, H.; Rocks, Sophie A.; Blazquez, Maria; Desai, S. A.
2011In vitro analysis of nanoparticles released from polyamide nanomaterial composites during drilling processIrfan, Adeel; Sachse, Sophia; Njuguna, James A. K.; Zhu, Huijun
2010Low Velocity Impact Behavior of Glass Filled Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Engine ComponentsMouti, Zakaria; Westwood, Keith; Kayvantash, Kambiz; Njuguna, James A. K.
2011Nanocomposites for vehicle structural applicationsNjuguna, James A. K.; Silva, Francesco; Sachse, Sophia
Showing results 1 to 20 of 30