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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Carbon and titanium diboride (TiB2) multilayer coatings.Rao, Jeff; Cruz, R.; Lawson, K. J.; Nicholls, J. R.
2011Carbon Brainprint Case Study: ceramic coatings for jet engine turbine bladesParsons, David J.; Chatterton, Julia C.; Nicholls, J. R.
2010CMAS corrosion of EB PVD TBCs: Identifying the minimum level to initiate damageWellman, R. G.; Whitman, G.; Nicholls, J. R.
2009Effect of microstructure and temperature on the erosion rates and mechanisms of modified EB PVD TBCsWellman, R. G.; Nicholls, J. R.; Murphy, K. S.
2005The effect of TBC morphology on the erosion rate of EB PVD TBCsWellman, Richard G.; Deakin, M. J.; Nicholls, J. R.
2009Electrodeposition of aluminium film on P90 Li-Al alloy as protective coating against corrosionBardi, U.; Caporali, S.; Craig, M.; Giorgetti, A.; Perissi, I.; Nicholls, J. R.
2008Erosion and high temperature oxidation resistance of new coatings fabricated by a sol-gel route for a TBC application.Viazzi, Céline; Wellman, R. G.; Oquab, Djar; Nicholls, J. R.; Monceau, Daniel; Bonino, Jean-Pierre; Florence, Ansart
2008Erosion, corrosion and erosion-corrosion of EB PVD thermal barrier coatingsWellman, R. G.; Nicholls, J. R.
2006Erosion of gadolinia doped EB-PVD TBCsSteenbakker, R J L; Wellman, R. G.; Nicholls, J. R.
2010Evolution of stress and morphology in thermal barrier coatingsWang, Xin; Atkinson, Alan; Chirivi, Laura; Nicholls, J. R.
2004High Temperature Erosion-Oxidation Mechanisms, Maps and ModelsWellman, R. G.; Nicholls, J. R.
1993The influence of imposed strain rate on fracture of surface oxides.Hancock, P.; Nicholls, J. R.; Mahmood, K.
10-Jul-2000A Mechanism for the Erosion of EB PVD TBCSWellman, R. G.; Nicholls, J. R.
2002Methods to reduce the thermal conductivity of EB-PVD TBCs.Nicholls, J. R.; Lawson, K. J.; Johnstone, A.; Rickerby, D. S.
2004A Monte Carlo model for predicting the erosion rate of EB PVD TBCsWellman, R. G.; Nicholls, J. R.
Nov-2006Multi-layered Ruthenium-modified Bond Coats for Thermal Barrier CoatingsTryon, B.; Feng, Q.; Wellman, R. G.; Murphy, K. S.; Yang, J.; Levi, C.G.; Nicholls, J. R.; Pollock, T. M.
2004Nano and microhardness testing of aged EB PVD TBCsWellman, R. G.; Tourmente, H.; Impey, S. A.; Nicholls, J. R.
2004Nano and Micro indentation studies of bulk zirconia and EB PVD TBCsWellman, R. G.; Dyer, A.; Nicholls, J. R.
2006A New Reactive Atom Plasma Technology (RAPT) for Precision Machining: the Etching of ULE® SurfaceFanara, C.; Shore, Paul; Nicholls, J. R.; Lyford, N.; Kelley, J.; Carr, J.; Sommer, P.
2004On the Effect of Ageing on the Erosion of EB-PVD TBCsWellman, R. G.; Nicholls, J. R.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 24