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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Acting on information: Performance management for the public sectorNeely, Andrew; Micheli, Pietro; Martinez, Veronica
2008Citation Counts: Are They Good Predictors of RAE Scores? A bibliometric analysis of RAE 2001Surya, Mahdi; D'Este, Pablo; Neely, Andrew
16-Jun-2016Distributed manufacturing: scope, challenges and opportunitiesSingh Srai, Jagjit; Kumar, Mukesh; Graham, Gary; Phillips, Wendy; Tooze, James; Ford, Simon; Beecher, Paul; Raj, Baldev; Gregory, Mike; Kumar Tiwari, Manoj; Ravi, B.; Neely, Andrew; Shankar, Ravi; Charnley, Fiona; Tiwari, Ashutosh
2002Diversity management: Practices, strategy and measurementSingh, Val; Vinnicombe, Susan; Schiuma, Gianni; Kennerley, Mike; Neely, Andrew
Jan-2008Does the balance scorecard work: an empirical investigationNeely, Andrew
2008Exploring the financial consequences of the servitization of manufacturingNeely, Andrew
2008High Value Manufacturing:Delivering on the Promise.Martinez, Veronica; Neely, Andrew; Ren, Guangjie; Smart, Andi
2006Improving productivity - Opening the black box.Mayhew, Ken; Neely, Andrew
Feb-2008Incentives and Managerial Experience in Multi-task Teams: Evidence from within a FirmGriffith, Rachel; Neely, Andrew
Jun-2000Innovative Capacity of Firms: on why some firms are more innovative than othersHii, Jasper; Neely, Andrew
2004Managing and measuring for value: the case of call centre performanceMarr, Bernard; Neely, Andrew
2002Measuring corporate management and leadership capabilityNeely, Andrew; Gray, Dina; Kennerley, Mike; Marr, Bernard
2008Narrating the real corporate storyAmbler, Tim; Neely, Andrew
2008Special report: Competing on knowledgeBessant, John; Birkinshaw, Julian; Delbridge, Rick; Griffith, Rachel l.; Haskel, Jonathan; Neely, Andrew
2007Towards a definition of a business performance measurement systemFranco-Santos, Monica; Kennerley, Mike; Micheli, Pietro; Martinez, Veronica; Mason, Steve; Marr, Bernard; Gray, Dina; Neely, Andrew
2005What has 25 years of P/OM research taught us about productivityNeely, Andrew
2006Why is productivity so dispersed?Griffith, Rachel; Haskel, Jonathan; Neely, Andrew
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17