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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Analysis of petroleum-contaminated soils by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and sequential ultrasonic solvent extraction-gas chromatographyOkparanma, R. N.; Coulon, Frederic; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
24-Apr-2016Application of an on-line sensor to map soil packing density for site specific cultivationShamal, S. A. M.; Alhwaimel, Saad A.; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
2014Combining frequency domain reflectometry and visible and near infrared spectroscopy for assessment of soil bulk densityAl-Asadi, Raed A.; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
2013Determination of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) in Soils: A Review of Spectroscopic and Nonspectroscopic TechniquesOkparanma, R. N.; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
2013Effect of spiking strategy and ratio on calibration of on-line visible and near infrared soil sensor for measurement in European farmsKuang, Boyan Y.; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
2011Estimating the variability of tillage forces on a chisel plough shank by modeling the variability of tillage system parametersAbo Al-Kheer, A.; Kharmanda, M. G.; El-Hami, A.; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
2009Expanding implementation of an on-line measurement system of topsoil compaction in loamy sand, loam, silt loam and silt soils.Mouazen, Abdul Mounem; Ramon, Herman
23-Jan-2013Influence of the number of samples on prediction error of visible and near infrared spectroscopy of selected soil properties at the farm scale.Kuang, Boyan Y.; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
2012Methods and procedures for automatic collection and management of data acquired from on-the-go sensors with application to on-the-go soil sensors.Peets, Sven; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem; Blackburn, Kim; Kuang, Boyan Y.; Wiebensohn, Jens
2013Non-biased prediction of soil organic carbon and total nitrogen with vis-NIR spectroscopy, as affected by soil moisture content and textureKuang, Boyan Y.; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
3-Jul-2014Online measurement of soil organic carbon as correlated with wheat normalised difference vegetation index in a vertisol fieldTekin, Yucel; Ulusoy, Yahya; Tumsavas, Zeynal; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
2009Optimum three-point linkage set up for improving the quality of soil spectra and the accuracy of soil phosphorus measured using an on-line visible and near infrared sensor.Mouazen, Abdul Mounem; Maleki, M. R.; Cockx, L.; van Meirvenne, M.; van Holm, L. H. J.; Merckx, R.; De Baerdemaeker, J.; Ramon, Herman
2013Potential of on-line visible and near infrared spectroscopy for measurement of pH for deriving variable rate lime recommendationsTekin, Yücel; Kuang, Boyan Y.; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
15-Jul-2012Prediction of ‘Nules Clementine’ mandarin susceptibility to rind breakdown disorder using Vis/NIR spectroscopyMagwaza, Lembe S.; Opara, Umezuruike Linus; Terry, Leon A.; Landahl, Sandra; Cronje, Paul J.; Nieuwoudt, Helene; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem; Saeys, Wouter; Nicolai, Bart M.
2011Prediction of soil TN and TC at a farm-scale using VIS-NIR spectroscopyYang, Haiqing Q.; Kuang, Boyan Y.; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
2013A prototype sensor for the assessment of soil bulk densityQuraishi, Mohammed Z.; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
2011Size estimation of tomato fruits based on spectroscopic analysisYang, Haiqing Q.; Kuang, Boyan Y.; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
2011Theoretical analysis of the spatial variability in tillage forces for fatigue analysis of tillage machinesAbo Al-kheer, A.; Eid, M.; Aoues, Y.; El-Hami, A.; Kharmanda, M. G.; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18