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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-2016Alternaria in food: Ecophysiology, mycotoxin production and toxicologyLee, Hyang Burm; Patriarca, Andrea; Magan, Naresh
1-Sep-2015Alternaria in food: Ecophysiology, mycotoxin production and toxicology- ErratumLee, Hyang Burm; Patriarca, Andrea; Magan, Naresh
18-Sep-2017Biocontrol of mycotoxins: dynamics and mechanisms of actionMedina, Angel; Mohale, Sejakhosi; Samsudin, Nik Iskandar Putra; Rodriguez-Sixtos, Alicia; Rodriguez, Alicia; Magan, Naresh
18-May-2017Climate change, food security and mycotoxins: do we know enough?Medina, Angel; Akbar, Asya; Baazeem, Alaa; Rodriguez, Alicia; Magan, Naresh
2012Comparison of different bead-beating RNA extraction strategies: An optimized method for filamentous fungiLeite, Goncalo M.; Magan, Naresh; Medina, Ángel
7-Jul-2017Comparison of dry matter losses and aflatoxin B1 contamination of paddy and brown rice stored naturally or after inoculation with Aspergillus flavus at different environmental conditionsMartin, Sara; Medina, Angel; Magan, Naresh
2010Comparison of water activity and temperature impacts on growth of Fusarium langsethiae strains from northern Europe on oat-based mediaMedina, Ángel; Magan, Naresh
15-Nov-2009Complex regulation of the aflatoxin biosynthesis gene cluster of Aspergillus flavus in relation to various combinations of water activity and temperatureSchmidt-Heydt, Markus; Abdel-Hadi, Ahmed; Magan, Naresh; Geisen, Rolf
2011Control of Aflatoxin Production of Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus Using RNA Silencing Technology by Targeting aflD (nor-1) Gene.Abdel-Hadi, Ahmed; Caley, D. P.; Carter, D. R.; Magan, Naresh
2011Detection and discrimination between ochratoxin producer and non-producer strains of Penicillium nordicum on a ham-based medium using an electronic noseCamardo Leggieri, M.; Planas Pont, Neus; Battilani, P.; Magan, Naresh
2010Differential effect of environmental conditions on the growth and regulation of the fumonisin biosynthetic gene FUM1 in the maize pathogens and fumonisin producers Fusarium verticillioides and Fusarium proliferatumMarin, P.; Magan, Naresh; Vazquez, C.; Gonzalez-Jaen, M. T.
2010Different sample treatment approaches for the analysis of T-2 and HT-2 toxins from oats-based mediaMedina, Ángel; Valle-Algarra, Francisco M.; Jimenez, Misericordia; Magan, Naresh
2011Discrimination between aflatoxigenic and non-aflatoxigenic Aspergillus section Flavi strains from Egyptian peanuts using molecular and analytical techniquesAbdel-Hadi, Ahmed; Carter, David; Magan, Naresh
2011Effect of fenpropimorph, prochloraz and tebuconazole on growth and production of T-2 and HT-2 toxins by Fusarium langsethiae in oat-based medium.Mateo, Eva M.; Valle-Algarra, Francisco M.; Mateo, R.; Jimenez, Misericordia; Magan, Naresh
May-2008Effect of solute and matric potential on in vitro growth and sporulation of strains from a new population of Aspergillus flavus isolated in Italy.Giorni, Paola; Battilani, Paola; Magan, Naresh
2010Effect of solute stress and temperature on growth rate and TRI5 gene expression using real time RT-PCR in Fusarium graminearum from Spanish wheatMarin, P.; Jurado, M.; Magan, Naresh; Vazquez, C.; Gonzalez-Jaen, M. T.
2009Effect of temperature and water activity on growth and ochratoxin A production boundaries of two Aspergillus carbonarius isolates on a simulated grape juice mediumTassou, C. C.; Natskoulis P. I.; Magan, Naresh; Panagou, Efstathios Z.
Feb-2009Effects of osmotic and matric potential on radial growth and accumulation of endogenous reserves in three isolates of Pochonia chlamydosporiaEsteves, Ivania; Peteira, Belkis; Powers, S.; Magan, Naresh; Kerry, Brian R.
3-Jun-2016Efficacy of different caffeine concentrations on growth and ochratoxin A production by Aspergillus speciesAkbar, Asya Hussain; Medina, Ángel; Magan, Naresh
9-Feb-2017Efficacy of fungal and bacterial antagonists for controlling growth, FUM1 gene expression and fumonisin B 1 production by Fusarium verticillioides on maize cobs of different ripening stagesSamsudin, N. I.; Rodriguez sixtos higuera, Alicia; Medina, Ángel; Magan, Naresh
Showing results 1 to 20 of 62