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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The application of a new research and development project selection model in SMEs.Lawson, Craig P.; Longhurst, Philip J.; Ivey, Paul C.
2006Appraisal for options of solid recovered fuel (SRF) utilisation within the UKHill, D.; Garg, A.; Smith, Richard; Pollard, Simon J. T.; Longhurst, Philip J.
2007Appropriateness of selecting different averaging times for modelling chronic and acute exposure to environmental odoursDrew, Gillian H.; Smith, Richard; Gerard, Valerie; Burge, C.; Lowe, M.; Kinnersley, R.; Sneath, R.; Longhurst, Philip J.
22-Jan-2017Arsenic transformation behaviour during thermal decomposition of P. vittata, an arsenic hyperaccumulatorDuan, Lunbo; Li, Xiaole; Jiang, Ying; Lei, Mei; Dong, Ziping; Longhurst, Philip J.
21-Sep-2013Assessing the perception and reality of arguments against thermal waste treatment plants in terms of property pricesPhilips, K. J. O.; Longhurst, Philip J.; Wagland, Stuart Thomas
26-Jan-2017An assessment of different extraction and quantification methods of penta- and hexa-chlorobenzene from SRF fly-ashBalampanis, Dimitris E.; Coulon, Frederic; Simms, Nigel; Longhurst, Philip J.; Pollard, Simon J. T.; Fenech, Cecilia; Villa, Raffaella
2005Assessment of municipal waste compost as a daily cover material for odour control at landfill sites.Hurst, C.; Longhurst, Philip J.; Pollard, Simon J. T.; Smith, Richard; Jefferson, Bruce; Gronow, Jan R.
2009Biodrying for mechanical-biological treatment of wastes: A review of process science and engineeringVelis, C. A.; Longhurst, Philip J.; Drew, Gillian H.; Smith, Richard; Pollard, Simon J. T.
2010The biogenic content of process streams from mechanical-biological treatment plants producing solid recovered fuel. Do the manual sorting and selective dissolution determination methods correlate?Severin, M.; Velis, C. A.; Longhurst, Philip J.; Pollard, Simon J. T.
26-May-2016Biomass resources and biofuels potential for the production of transportation fuels in NigeriaLonghurst, Philip J.; Ben-Iwo, Juliet; Manovic, Vasilije
7-May-2015Carbon brainprint – An estimate of the intellectual contribution of research institutions to reducing greenhouse gas emissionsChatteron, Julia C.; Parsons, David J.; Nicholls, John R.; Longhurst, Philip J.; Bernon, Mike; Palmer, Andrew; Brennan, Feargal P.; Kolios, Athanasios; Wilson, Ian; Ishiyama, Edward; Clements-Croome, Derek; Elmualim, Abbas; Darby, Howard; Yearly, Tom; Davies, Gareth J.
2011Carbon Brainprint Case Study: training for landfill gas inspectorsParsons, David J.; Chatterton, Julia C.; Longhurst, Philip J.
8-May-2017CFD modelling of particle shrinkage in a fluidized bed for biomass fast pyrolysis with quadrature method of momentLiu, Bo; Papadikis, Konstantinos; Gu, Sai; Fidalgo, Beatriz; Longhurst, Philip J.; Li, Zhongyuan; Kolios, Athanasios
10-Mar-2016China's soil and groundwater management challenges: Lessons from the UK's experience and opportunities for ChinaCoulon, Frederic; Jones, Kevin; Li, Hong; Hu, Qing; Gao, Jingyang; Li, Fasheng; Chen, Mengfang; Zhu, Yong-Guan; Liu, Rongxia; Liu, Ming; Canning, Kate; Harries, Nicola; Bardos, Paul; Nathanail, Paul; Sweeney, Rob; Middleton, David; Charnley, Maggie; Randall, Jeremy; Richell, Martin; Howard, Trevor; Martin, Ian; Spooner, Simon; Weeks, Jason; Cave, Mark; Yu, Fang; Zhang, Fang; Jiang, Ying; Longhurst, Philip J.; Prpich, George; Bewley, Richard; Abra, Jonathan; Pollard, Simon J. T.
2007Comparative evaluation of SRF and RDF co-combustion with coal in a fluidised bed combustorGarg, A.; Smith, Richard; Longhurst, Philip J.; Pollard, Simon J. T.; Simms, Nigel J.; Hill, D.
2011Comparison of coal/solid recovered fuel (SRF) with coal/refuse derived fuel (RDF) in a fluidised bed reactor.Wagland, Stuart Thomas; Kilgallon, P.; Coveney, R.; Garg, A.; Smith, Richard; Longhurst, Philip J.; Pollard, Simon J. T.; Simms, Nigel J.
13-Apr-2017A conceptual framework for negotiating public involvement in municipal waste management decision-making in the UKGarnett, Kenisha; Cooper, Tim; Longhurst, Philip J.; Jude, Simon; Tyrrel, Sean
2007Coupling Hidden Flows and Waste Generation for Enhanced Materials Flow AccountingRaffield, Thomas; Herben, Martin; Billington, Stephen; Longhurst, Philip J.; Pollard, Simon J. T.
28-Apr-2015Critical reflections on designing product service systemsDewberry, Emma; Cook, Matthew; Angus, Andrew; Gottberg, Annika; Longhurst, Philip J.
2012A critical review of classification of organisations in relation to the voluntary implementation of environmental management systemsStevens, P. A.; Batty, William J.; Longhurst, Philip J.; Drew, Gillian H.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 53