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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Aerodynamic and performance characteristics of a passive leading edge Kruger flap at low Reynolds numbersMoraris, Vassilis Michael; Lawson, Nicholas J.; Garry, Kevin P.
2007Application of digital particle image velocimetry to insect aerodynamics: measurement of the leading-edge vortex and near wake of a Hawkmoth.Bomphrey, Richard J.; Lawson, Nicholas J.; Taylor, Graham K.; Thomas, Adrian L. R.
2005Combined Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry and Line Integral Convolution Methods: Application to a Sphere Sedimenting Near a Wall in a Non-Newtonian Fluid.Lawson, Nicholas J.; Finnis, M. V.; Tatum, J. A.; Harrison, G. M.
2008Coupled piezoelectric fans with two degree of freedom motion for the application of flapping wing micro aerial vehiclesChung, H. C.; Lal Kummari, K.; Croucher, S. J.; Lawson, Nicholas J.; Guo, Shijun J.; Huang, Zhaorong
22-Apr-2006Digital particle image velocimetry measurements of the downwash distribution of a desert locust Schistocerca gregaria.Bomphrey, Richard J.; Taylor, Graham K.; Lawson, Nicholas J.; Thomas, Adrian L. R.
2009Experimental and computational investigation of an 'open' transonic cavity flowAtvars, K.; Knowles, K.; Ritchie, S. A.; Lawson, Nicholas J.
2009Experimental and Computational Investigation of an “Open” Transonic Cavity FlowAtvars, K.; Knowles, K.; Ritchie, S. A.; Lawson, Nicholas J.
2010Hypersonic interference heating in the vicinity of surface protuberancesEstruch-Samper, D.; MacManus, David G.; Stollery, J. L.; Lawson, Nicholas J.; Garry, Kevin P.
2007An investigation of the flow characteristics in the bootdeck region of a scale model notchback saloon vehicleLawson, Nicholas J.; Garry, Kevin P.; Faucompret, N.
9-Nov-2016Jetstream 31 National Flying Laboratory: Lift and Drag Measurement and ModellingLawson, Nicholas J.; Jacques, H.; Gautrey, James E.; Cooke, Alastair K.; Holt, Jenny C.; Garry, Kevin P.
Dec-2008Measurement of shock wave unsteadiness using a high-speed schlieren system and digital image processingEstruch-Samper, D.; Lawson, Nicholas J.; MacManus, David G.; Garry, Kevin P.; Stollery, J. L.
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11