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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Oct-2015Acidified and ultrafiltered recovered coagulants from water treatment works sludge for removal of phosphorus from wastewaterKeeleya, James; Smith, Andrea D.; Judd, Simon J.; Jarvis, Peter
23-Jan-2013Ballasted flotation with glass microspheres for removal of natural organic matterJarvis, Peter; Martin, John; Winspear, Tracey; Jefferson, Bruce
21-Oct-2015Coagulant recovery and reuse for drinking water treatmentKeeley, James; Jarvis, Peter; Smith, Andrea D.; Judd, Simon J.
25-Feb-2014Coagulant recovery from water treatment residuals: a review of applicable technologiesKeeley, James; Jarvis, Peter; Judd, Simon J.
2012Comparison of coagulation performance and floc properties using a novel zirconium coagulant against traditional ferric and alum coagulantsJarvis, Peter; Sharp, Emma; Pidou, Marc; Molinder, Roger; Parsons, Simon A.; Jefferson, Bruce
26-Nov-2015Effect of elevated UV dose and alkalinity on metaldehyde removal and THM formation with UV/TiO2 and UV/H2O2Jefferson, Bruce; Jarvis, Peter; Bhagianathan, Govind Kannoly; Smith, Heather M.; Autin, Olivier; Goslan, Emma Harriet; MacAdam, Jitka; Carra, Irene
24-Oct-2016The effect of high hydraulic loading rate on the removal efficiency of a quadruple media filter for tertiary wastewater treatmentNcube, Philani; Pidou, Marc; Stephenson, Tom; Jefferson, Bruce; Jarvis, Peter
2010The impact of barley straw conditioning on the inhibition of Scenedesmus using chemostatsMurray, Daniel; Parsons, Simon A.; Jarvis, Peter; Jefferson, Bruce
Oct-2004The Impact of Natural Organic Matter on Floc StructureJarvis, Peter
24-Feb-2014The impacts of replacing air bubbles with microspheres for the clarification of algae from low cell-density cultureOmetto, Francesco; Pozza, Carlo; Whitton, Rachel; Smyth, Beatrice; Gonzalez Torres, Andrea; Henderson, Rita K.; Jarvis, Peter; Jefferson, Bruce; Villa, Raffaella
15-Dec-2009Kinetic study of adsorption and photo-decolorization of Reactive Red 198 on TiO2 surfaceDutta, S.; Parsons, Simon A.; Bhattacharjee, C.; Jarvis, Peter; Datta, S.; Bandyopadhyay, S.
2009Low energy ballasted flotationJarvis, Peter; Buckingham, P; Holden, B; Jefferson, Bruce
2008Magnetic ion-exchange resin treatment: Impact of water type and resin useMergen, Maxime Rodolphe Denis; Jefferson, Bruce; Parsons, Simon A.; Jarvis, Peter
May-2005Measuring Floc Structural CharacteristicsJarvis, Peter; Jefferson, Bruce; Parsons, Simon A.
3-Nov-2015Microalgae for municipal wastewater nutrient remediation: mechanisms, reactors and outlook for tertiary treatmentWhitton, Rachel; Ometto, Francesco; Pidou, Marc; Jarvis, Peter; Villa, Raffaella; Jefferson, Bruce
2007Modeling bromate formation during ozonationJarvis, Peter; Parsons, Simon A.; Smith, Rosie
15-Jun-2017A multi‐component method to determine pesticides in surface water by liquid‐chromatography tandem quadrupole mass spectrometryRamos, Andre; Cosgrove, Stephanie; Villa, Raffaella; Jefferson, Bruce; Campo Moreno, Pablo; Jarvis, Peter; Whelan, M J; Guymer, I
2004Natural organic matter - The relationship between character and treatabilityParsons, Simon A.; Jefferson, Bruce; Goslan, Emma Harriet; Jarvis, Peter; Fearing, David Andrew
26-Mar-2016Pilot-scale spiral wound membrane assessment for THM precursor rejection from upland watersGolea, Dan; Sutherland, S.; Jarvis, Peter; Judd, Simon J.
2008The practical application of fractal dimension in water treatment practice-the impact of polymer dosingJarvis, Peter; Parsons, Simon A.; Henderson, Rita Kay; Nixson, Nicholas; Jefferson, Bruce
Showing results 1 to 20 of 27