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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Adaptive control of a nonlinear aeroelastic systemLi, Daochun; Xiang, Jinwu; Guo, Shijun J.
2010Aeroelastic dynamic response and control of an airfoil section with control surface nonlinearitiesLi, Daochun; Guo, Shijun J.; Xiang, Jinwu
31-Dec-2013Buckling and post-buckling of a composite C-section with cutout and flange reinforcementGuo, Shijun J.; Li, Daochun; Zhang, Xiang; Xiang, Jinwu
2008Coupled piezoelectric fans with two degree of freedom motion for the application of flapping wing micro aerial vehiclesChung, H. C.; Lal Kummari, K.; Croucher, S. J.; Lawson, Nicholas J.; Guo, Shijun J.; Huang, Zhaorong
2008Cutout reinforcements for shear loaded laminate and sandwich composite panelsGuo, Shijun J.; Zhou, L.; Cheung, C. W.
2009Cutout shape and reinforcement design for composite C-section beams under shear loadGuo, Shijun J.; Morishima, R.; Zhang, X.; Mills, A.
2010Development of piezoelectric actuated mechanism for flapping wing micro-aerial vehicle applicationsLal Kummari, K.; Li, Daochun; Guo, Shijun J.; Huang, Zhaorong
2003The effect of laminate lay-up on the flutter speed of composite wings.Guo, Shijun J.; Bannerjee, J. R.; Cheung, C. W.
26-Jan-2017Efficient method for aeroelastic tailoring of composite wing to minimize gust responseYu, Yang; Zhengjie, Wang; Guo, Shijun J.
14-Feb-2015Feasibility of an electrostatic energy harvesting device for CFCs aircraftXie, Huiling; Huang, Zhaorong; Guo, Shijun J.; Torru, Ekiyor
6-Jul-2012Harvesting energy from the dynamic deformation of an aircraft wing under gust loadingPozzi, Michele; Guo, Shijun J.; Zhu, Meiling
2002Improvement of a tail-plane strucural model using vibration test data.Guo, Shijun J.
2008Modelling, simulation and optimal control for an aircraft of aileron-less folding wingWang, Z. J.; Guo, Shijun J.; Li, W.
2010A modified ant colony algorithm for the stacking sequence optimisation of a rectangular laminateWang, Wei; Guo, Shijun J.; Chang, Nan; Zhao, Feng; Yang, Wei
2009Optimal design of an aeroelastic wing structure with seamless control surfacesPerera, Melanie; Guo, Shijun J.
2010Optimum buckling design of composite stiffened panels using ant colony algorithmWang, Wei; Guo, Shijun J.; Chang, Nan; Yang, Wei
2009Rolling active control for an aircraft of seamless aeroelastic wingWang, Zhengjie; Yang, Daqing; Guo, Shijun J.
2011Simultaneous partial topology and size optimization of a wing structure using ant colony and gradient based methodsWang, W.; Guo, Shijun J.; Yang, W.
2007Stress concentration and buckling behaviour of shear loaded composite panels with reinforced cutoutsGuo, Shijun J.
2011Trim optimizations of an adaptive tailless aircraft with composite wingXie, J.; Yang, Z. C.; Guo, Shijun J.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 21