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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Cathodic and Anodic Material Diffusion in Polymer/Semiconductor-Nanocrystal Composite DevicesGallardo, D. E.; Bertoni, Cristina; Dunn, Steve; Gaponik, Nikolai; Eychm├╝ller, Alexander
2006Electroforming processes for platinum nanoisland thin filmsBertoni, Cristina; Gallardo, D. E.; Dunn, Steve
2007Fabrication and characterization of red-emitting electroluminescent devices based on thiol-stabilized semiconductor nanocrystalsBertoni, Cristina; Gallardo, D. E.; Dunn, Steve; Gaponik, Nikolai; Eychm├╝ller, Alexander
3-Jun-2009Impact of Zr/Ti ratio in the PZT on the photoreduction of silver nanoparticles.Tiwari, Divya; Dunn, Steve; Zhang, Qi
2009Influence of annealing on the photochemical deposition of silver onto PZT thin films under UV irradiationTiwari, Divya; Dunn, Steve
Sep-2008Influence of ferroelectricity on the photoelectric effect of LiNbO3.Dunn, Steve; Tiwari, Divya
27-Jul-2011Insights into the relationship between inherent materials properties of PZT and photochemistry for the development of nanostructured silver.Dunn, Steve; Tiwari, Divya; Jones, Paul M.; Gallardo, D. E.
2009In situ antimony doping of solution-grown ZnO nanorodsBriscoe, Joe; Gallardo, D. E.; Dunn, Steve
Mar-2009Interaction of Stern layer and domain structure on photochemistry of lead-zirconate-titanate.Jones, Paul M.; Dunn, Steve
2005Light emitting devices based on nanostructured semiconductorsGallardo, D. E.; Bertoni, Cristina; Dunn, Steve
2007Photo-reduction of silver salts on highly heterogeneous lead zirconate titanate.Jones, Paul M.; Dunn, Steve
Nov-2003Strain behavior of thin film PbZr0.3Ti0.7O3 (30/70) examined through piezoforce microscopy.Dunn, Steve
Jun-2002Substrate effects on domain structures of PZT 30/70 sol-gel films via PiezoAFMDunn, Steve; Whatmore, Roger W.
2001Transformation dependence of lead zirconate titanate (PZT) as shown by PiezoAFM surface mapping of Sol-gel produced PZT on various substrates.Dunn, Steve; Whatmore, Roger W.
2006Ultrahigh resolution of lead zirconate titanate 30/70 domains as imaged by piezoforce microscopy.Dunn, Steve; Shaw, Christopher P.; Huang, Zhaorong; Whatmore, Roger W.
Oct-2004Using the surface spontaneous depolarization field of ferroelectrics to direct the assembly of virus particles.Dunn, Steve; Cullen, David C.; Abad-Garcia, Estefania; Bertoni, Cristina; Carter, Richard C.; Howorth, Dave; Whatmore, Roger W.
Showing results 1 to 16 of 16