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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-2016Addressing the challenges of implementation of high-order finite volume schemes for atmospheric dynamics of unstructured meshesTsoutsanis, Panagiotis; Drikakis, Dimitris
10-Dec-2005Artificial compressibility, characteristics-based schemes for variable density, incompressible, multi-species flows. Part I. Derivation of different formulations and constant density limitShapiro, Evgeniy; Drikakis, Dimitris
10-Dec-2005Artificial compressibility, characteristics-based schemes for variable-density, incompressible, multispecies flows: Part II. Multigrid implementation and numerical testsShapiro, Evgeniy; Drikakis, Dimitris
3-Jan-2017Assessment of high-order finite volume methods on unstructured meshes for RANS solutions of aeronautical configurations.Antoniadis, Antonios Foivos; Tsoutsanis, Panagiotis; Drikakis, Dimitris
2010Boundary slip dependency on surface stiffnessAsproulis, Nikolaos; Drikakis, Dimitris
11-Dec-2006Collision dynamics of nanoscale Lennard-Jones clustersKalweit, Marco; Drikakis, Dimitris
2009Computational modelling of acoustic scattering of a sound source in the vicinity of the groundPantazopoulou, Panagiota; Drikakis, Dimitris
2008An efficient multi-scale modelling approach for ssDNA motion in fluid flowBenke, Matyas; Shapiro, Evgeniy; Drikakis, Dimitris
31-Dec-2014Equilibrium molecular dynamics modeling of diffussion and adsorption of fluids in armchair single walled carbon-nanotubeKio, Michael; Asproulis, Nikolaos; Konozsy, Laszlo; Drikakis, Dimitris
1-Oct-2009Exact and approximate solutions of Riemann problems in non-linear elasticityBarton, Philip Trevor; Drikakis, Dimitris; Romenski, E.; Titarev, Vladimir A.
2011Filtering carbon dioxide through carbon nanotubesMantzalis, Dimitrios; Asproulis, Nikolaos; Drikakis, Dimitris
2011Growth of a Richtmyer-Meshkov turbulent layer after reshockThornber, Ben; Drikakis, Dimitris; Youngs, D. L.; Williams, R. J. R.
2011Helicopter blade morphing strategies aimed at mitigating environmental impact | Strategie aktywnego kształtowania profilu łopat helikoptera w celu redukcji negatywnego wpływu ich pracy na środowPagano, Antonio; Ameduri, Salvatore; Cokonaj, Valerijan; Prachǎr, Ales; Zachariadis, Zacharias; Drikakis, Dimitris
2011Higher-order CFD and Interface Tracking Methods on Highly-Parallel MPI and GPU systemsAppleyard, J.; Drikakis, Dimitris
1-Sep-2016A high-order finite-volume method for atmospheric flows on unstructured gridsTsoutsanis, Panagiotis; Drikakis, Dimitris
14-Jun-2005High-Resolution Computational Modelling of Multi-Material FlowShapiro, Evgeniy; Drikakis, Dimitris
2004High resolution methods for incompressible, compressible and variable density flows.Drikakis, Dimitris; Hahn, Marco; Patel, Sanjay; Shapiro, Evgeniy
2010Implicit large eddy simulation of ship airwakesThornber, Ben; Starr, M.; Drikakis, Dimitris
2007Implicit Large-Eddy Simulations of Wall-Bounded Turbulent Flows.Drikakis, Dimitris; Hahn, Marco; Malick, Zeshan; Shapiro, Evgeniy
2010The influence of initial conditions on turbulent mixing due to Richtmyer-Meshkov instabilityThornber, Ben; Drikakis, Dimitris; Youngs, D. L.; Williams, R. J. R.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 30