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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Analysing oily wastes in soilsCoulon, Frederic
2014Analysis of petroleum-contaminated soils by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and sequential ultrasonic solvent extraction-gas chromatographyOkparanma, R. N.; Coulon, Frederic; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem
2011Are alkane hydroxylase genes (alkB) relevant to assess petroleum bioremediation processes in chronically polluted coastal sediments?Païssé, Sandrine; Duran, Robert; Coulon, Frederic; Goni-Urriza, Marisol
26-Jan-2017An assessment of different extraction and quantification methods of penta- and hexa-chlorobenzene from SRF fly-ashBalampanis, Dimitris E.; Coulon, Frederic; Simms, Nigel; Longhurst, Philip J.; Pollard, Simon J. T.; Fenech, Cecilia; Villa, Raffaella
17-Apr-2014Bioengineering options and strategies for the optimization of anaerobic digestion processesFerguson, Robert Michael William; Villa, Raffaella; Coulon, Frederic
2012Central role of dynamic tidal biofilms dominated by aerobic hydrocarbonoclastic bacteria and diatoms in the biodegradation of hydrocarbons in coastal mudflatsCoulon, Frederic; Chronopoulou, P-M; Fahy, A; Païssé, S; Goñi-Urriza, M; Peperzak, L; Acuña, Alvarez L; McKew, BA; Brussaard, CPD; Underwood, GJC; Timmis, KN; Duran, R; McGenity, TJ
10-Mar-2016China's soil and groundwater management challenges: Lessons from the UK's experience and opportunities for ChinaCoulon, Frederic; Jones, Kevin; Li, Hong; Hu, Qing; Gao, Jingyang; Li, Fasheng; Chen, Mengfang; Zhu, Yong-Guan; Liu, Rongxia; Liu, Ming; Canning, Kate; Harries, Nicola; Bardos, Paul; Nathanail, Paul; Sweeney, Rob; Middleton, David; Charnley, Maggie; Randall, Jeremy; Richell, Martin; Howard, Trevor; Martin, Ian; Spooner, Simon; Weeks, Jason; Cave, Mark; Yu, Fang; Zhang, Fang; Jiang, Ying; Longhurst, Philip J.; Prpich, George; Bewley, Richard; Abra, Jonathan; Pollard, Simon J. T.
2013Combining solvent extraction and bioremediation for removing weathered petroleum from contaminated soilWu, Guozhong; Coulon, Frederic; Yang, Yuewei; Li, Hong; Sui, Hong
Aug-2008Comparative mesocosm study of biostimulation efficiency in two different oil-amended sub-antarctic soilsDelille, Daniel; Coulon, Frederic
8-Jun-2016Compositional analysis of excavated landfill samples and the determination of residual biogas potential of the organic fractionGarcia, J.; Davies, S.; Villa, Raffaella; Gomes, D. M.; Coulon, Frederic; Wagland, Stuart Thomas
28-Aug-2016Compositional and physicochemical changes in waste materials and biogas production across 7 landfill sites in UKFrank, R. R.; Cipullo, S.; Garcia, J.; Davies, S.; Wagland, Stuart Thomas; Villa, Raffaella; Trois, C.; Coulon, Frederic
10-Jul-2015A decision support tool for landfill methane generation and gas collectionEmkes, Harriet; Coulon, Frederic; Wagland, Stuart Thomas
2012Effect of fertilizer formulation and bioaugmentation on biodegradation and leaching of crude oils and refined products in soilsCoulon, Frederic; Brassington, Kirsty J.; Bazin, R.; Linnet, P. E.; Thomas, K. A.; Mitchell, T. R.; Lethbridge, Gordon; Smith, J. W. N.; Pollard, Simon J. T.
15-Sep-2010Effect of pine bark and compost on the biological denitrification process of non-hazardous landfill leachate: Focus on the microbiologyTroisa, Cristina; Coulon, Frederic; Polge de Combret, Cécile; Martins, Jean M. F.; Oxarango, Laurent
5-Jul-2016Evaluating leachate recirculation with cellulase addition to enhance waste biostabilisation and landfill gas productionFrank, R. R.; Davies, S.; Wagland, Stuart Thomas; Villa, Raffaella; Trois, C.; Coulon, Frederic
14-Jun-2013Evaluation of engineered nanoparticle toxic effect on wastewater microorganisms: current status and challengesEduok, Samuel; Martin, R.; Villa, Raffaella; Nocker, Andreas; Jefferson, Bruce; Coulon, Frederic
8-Nov-2016Fingerprinting outdoor air environment using microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) – A reviewGarcia-Alcega, Sonia; Nasir, Z. A.; Ferguson, Robert; Whitby, Corinne; Dumbrell, Alex J.; Colbeck, I.; Gomes, D. M.; Tyrrel, Sean F.; Coulon, Frederic
8-Nov-2016Fingerprinting outdoor air environment using microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) – A reviewGarcia-Alcega, Sonia; Ahmad Nasir, Zaheer; Ferguson, Robert; Whitby, Corinne; Dumbrell, Alex J.; Colbeck, Ian; Gomes, Diogo; Tyrrel, Sean; Coulon, Frederic
22-Jan-2016Impact of treated sewage effluent on the microbiology of a small brook using flow cytometry as a diagnostic toolHarry, Ibiye S. K.; Ameh, Ekwu; Coulon, Frederic; Nocker, Andreas
2014Improving the energy balance of an integrated microalgal wastewater treatment processOmetto, Francesco; Whitton, Rachel; Coulon, Frederic; Jefferson, Bruce; Villa, Raffaella
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