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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Bidirectional branch and bound for controlled variable selection. Part II: Exact local method for self-optimizing controlKariwala, Vinay; Cao, Yi
2010Bidirectional Branch and Bound for Controlled Variable Selection. Part III: Local Average Loss MinimizationKariwala, Vinay; Cao, Yi
2008Bidirectional branch and bound for controlled variable selection. Part I: Principles and minimum singular value criterion.Cao, Yi; Kariwala, Vinay
2010A branch and bound method for isolation of faulty variables through missing variable analysisKariwala, Vinay; Odiowei, P. E.; Cao, Yi; Chen, T.
2010Branch and bound method for multiobjective pairing selectionKariwala, Vinay; Cao, Yi
2008Differential recurrent neural network based predictive control.Al Seyab, Rihab Khalid Shakir; Cao, Yi
2005Direct and Indirect Gradient Control for Static Optimisation.Cao, Yi
2013Experimental study on severe slugging mitigation by applying wavy pipes  Xing, Lanchang; Yeung, Hoi; Shen, Joseph; Cao, Yi
2005A Formulation of nonlinear model predictive control using automatic differentiationCao, Yi
2010Identification and predictive control of a multistage evaporatorAtuonwu, J. C.; Cao, Yi; Rangaiah, G. P.; Tade, M. O.
2005Improved branch and bound method for control structure screeningCao, Yi; Saha, Prabirkumar
2014Incorporating feedforward action into self-optimising control policiesUmar, Lia Maisarah; Cao, Yi; Kariwala, Vinay
2003Multiobjective Optimisation of Restricted Complexity ControllersCao, Yi; Yan, Wenjun
2004Multiobjective process controllability analysisCao, Yi; Yang, Zhijia
2008Networked control systems and wireless sensor networks: theories and applications.Yang, Shuang-Hua; Cao, Yi
2010Nonlinear Dynamic Process Monitoring Using Canonical Variate Analysis and Kernel Density EstimationsOdiowei, P. P.; Cao, Yi
2006Nonlinear model predictive control for the ALSTOM gasifier.Al Seyab, Rihab Khalid Shakir; Cao, Yi
2008Nonlinear system identification for predictive control using continuous time recurrent neural networks and automatic differentiation.Al Seyab, Rihab Khalid Shakir; Cao, Yi
2008Prediction of Convergence Dynamics of Design Performance using Differential Recurrent Neural NetworksCao, Yi; Jin, Yaochu; Kowalczykiewicz, Michal; Sendhoff, Bernhard
2006Predictive control for the ALSTOM gasifier problem.Seyab, R. K. A.; Cao, Yi; Yang, Shuang-Hua
Showing results 1 to 20 of 22