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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Agricultural technology and land use futures: The UK caseBurgess, Paul J.; Morris, Joe
30-Apr-2017Agroforestry in the UKBurgess, Paul J.
2009Application of an ecosystem function framework to perceptions of community woodlandsAgbenyega, Olivia; Burgess, Paul J.; Cook, Matthew; Morris, Joe
2011Assessing climate change causes, risks and opportunities in forestryBurgess, Paul J.; Moffat, Andy J.; Matthews, Robin B.
23-Mar-2017A comparison of methods to quantify greenhouse gas emissions of cropping systems in LCAGoglio, Pietro; Smith, W. N.; Grant, B. B.; Desjardins, R. L.; Gao, X.; Hanis, K.; Tenuta, M.; Campbell, C. A.; McConkey, B. G.; Nemecek, T.; Burgess, Paul J.; Williams, Adrian G.
2001A comparison of the responses of mature and young clonal tea to drought.Nixon, D. J.; Burgess, Paul J.; Sanga, B. N. K.; Carr, M. K. V.
2006Compatible measurements of volumetric soil water content using a neutron probe and Diviner 2000 after field calibration.Burgess, Paul J.; Reinhard, Berend Richard; Pasturel, P.
20-Mar-2017Current extent and stratification of agroforestry in the European Unionden Herder, Michael; Moreno, Gerardo; Mosquera-Losada, Rosa M.; Palma, João H. N.; Sidiropoulou, Anna; Santiago Freijanes, Jose J.; Crous-Duran, Josep; Paulo, Joana A.; Tomé, Margarida; Pantera, Anastasia; Papanastasis, Vasilios P.; Mantzanas, Kostas; Pachana, Przemko; Papadopoulos, Andreas; Plieninger, Tobias; Burgess, Paul J.
10-Jul-2015Developing a multi-pollutant conceptual framework for the selection and targeting of interventions in water industry catchment management schemesBloodworth, Jack; Holman, Ian P.; Burgess, Paul J.; Gillman, Sarah; Frogbrook, Zoe; Brown, Peter
2007Development and application of bio-economic modelling to compare silvoarable, arable, and forestry systems in three European countries.Graves, Anil R.; Burgess, Paul J.; Palma, João H. N.; Herzog, F.; Moreno, G.; Bertomeu, M.; Dupraz, Christian; Liagre, F.; Keesman, Karel; van der Werf, Wopke; Koeffeman, de Nooy A.; van den Briel, J. P.
16-Aug-2016Do European agroforestry systems enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services? A meta-analysisTorralba, Mario; Fagerholm, Nora; Burgess, Paul J.; Moreno, G.; Plieninger, Tobias
1999Effects of agroforestry on farm biodiversity in the UK.Burgess, Paul J.
2006Evaluation of simple hand-held Mechanical systems for harvesting tea (Camellia Sinensis)Burgess, Paul J.; Carr, M. K. V.; Mizambwa, F. C. S.; Nixon, D. J.; Lugusi, J.; Kimambo, E. I.
1-Mar-2017Farmer perception of benefits, constraints and opportunities for silvoarable systems: preliminary insights from Bedfordshire, EnglandGraves, Anil R.; Burgess, Paul J.; Liagre, F.; Dupraz, C.
2011Farm-SAFE: The process of developing a plot- and farm-scale model of arable, forestry, and silvoarable economicsGraves, Anil R.; Burgess, Paul J.; Liagre, F.; Terreaux, J.-P.; Borrel, T.; Dupraz, Christian; Palma, João H. N.; Herzog, F.
2012A framework for reviewing the trade-offs between, renewable energy, food, feed and wood production at a local levelBurgess, Paul J.; Rivas Casado, Monica; Gavu, Jerry; Mead, Andrew; Cockerill, Tim; Lord, Richard; van der Horst, Dan; Howard, David C.
2010Global pattern of leaf litter nitrogen and phosphorus in woody plantsKang, H. Z.; Xin, Z. J.; Berg, B.; Burgess, Paul J.; Liu, Q. L.; Liu, Z. C.; Li, Z. H.; Liu, C. J.
2010Implementation and calibration of the parameter-sparse Yield-SAFE model to predict production and land equivalent ratio in mixed tree and crop systems under two contrasting production situations in EuropeGraves, Anil R.; Burgess, Paul J.; Palma, João H. N.; Keesman, K. J.; van der Werf, Wopke; Dupraz, Christian; van Keulen, Herman; Herzog, F.; Mayus, Martina
2013Land as an Environmental ResourceHart, Kaley; Allen, K.; Lindner, Marcus; Keenleyside, C.; Burgess, Paul J.; Eggers, J.; Buckwell, A.
2007Methodological approach for the assessment of environmental effects of agroforestry at the landscape scale.Palma, João H. N.; Graves, Anil R.; Burgess, Paul J.; Keesman, K. J.; van Keulen, Herman; Mayus, Martina; Reisner, Y.; Herzog, F.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 36