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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-May-2015Carbon brainprint – An estimate of the intellectual contribution of research institutions to reducing greenhouse gas emissionsChatteron, Julia C.; Parsons, David J.; Nicholls, John R.; Longhurst, Philip J.; Bernon, Mike; Palmer, Andrew; Brennan, Feargal P.; Kolios, Athanasios; Wilson, Ian; Ishiyama, Edward; Clements-Croome, Derek; Elmualim, Abbas; Darby, Howard; Yearly, Tom; Davies, Gareth J.
2011Carbon Brainprint Case Study: novel offshore vertical axis wind turbinesParsons, David J.; Chatterton, Julia C.; Brennan, Feargal P.; Kolios, Athanasios J.
4-Nov-2016Dynamic modelling of microalgae cultivation process in high rate algal wastewater pondBello, Muhammadu; Ranganathan, Panneerselvam; Brennan, Feargal P.
Jul-2010The effect of residual stresses arising from laser shock peening on fatigue crack growthChahardehi, Amir Ebrahim; Brennan, Feargal P.; Steuwer, Axel
Feb-2008An Experimental and Analytical study of Fatigue Crack Shape Control by Cold WorkingBrennan, Feargal P.; Ngiam, S. S.; Lee, C. W.
2013Experimental determination of the overturning moment and net lateral force generated by a novel vertical axis wind turbine: experiment design under load uncertaintyKolios, Athanasios J.; Chahardehi, Amir Ebrahim; Brennan, Feargal P.
Aug-2008Fatigue Crack Control in Structural Details using surface peeningBrennan, Feargal P.; Shi Song, Ngiam
2-Nov-2016Fatigue crack growth rates for offshore wind monopile weldments in air and seawater: SLIC inter-laboratory test resultsMehmanparast, Ali; Brennan, Feargal P.; Tavares, Isaac
2007The Influence of Longitudinal Stiffeners on Weld Toe Stress Concentrations in Multi Planar Tubular KK jointsWoghiren, Charles O.; Brennan, Feargal P.
2012The Modelling, Simulation and Control of a 50 kW Vertical Axis Wind TurbineBati, Akram F.; Brennan, Feargal P.
2011Multi-criteria assessment of offshore wind turbine support structuresLozano Minguez, Estivaliz; Kolios, Athanasios J.; Brennan, Feargal P.
Jan-2010A novel weight function for RMS stress intensity factor determination in surface cracksChahardehi, Amir Ebrahim; Brennan, Feargal P.
14-Mar-2016A parametric whole life cost model for offshore wind farmsShafiee, Mahmood; Brennan, Feargal P.; Armada Espinosa, Ines
2010Reliability of floating foundation concepts for vertical axis wind turbinesKolios, Athanasios J.; Collu, Maurizio; Brennan, Feargal P.
Jun-2007Stress Monitoring of Civil and Mechanical Engineering InfrastructureBrennan, Feargal P.
2010Surface Crack Shape Evolution Modelling using an RMS SIF approachChahardehi, Amir Ebrahim; Brennan, Feargal P.; Han, S. K.
2009Weld toe stress concentrations in multi-planar stiffened tubular KK jointsWoghiren, C. O.; Brennan, Feargal P.
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17