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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Attitude control system for directional drilling bottom hole assembliesPanchal, Neilkunal; Bayliss, Martin T.; Whidborne, James F.
2009Design of poiseuille flow controllers using the method of inequalitiesMcKernan, John; Whidborne, James F.; Papadakis, George
2006Kolmogorov-Chaitin complexity of digital controller implementations.Whidborne, James F.; McKernan, John; Gu, Da-Wei
2011Linear feedback control of transient energy growth and control performance limitations in subcritical plane Poiseuille flowMartinelli, F.; Quadrio, M.; McKernan, John; Whidborne, James F.
Dec-2007Linear quadratic control of plane Poiseuille flow-the transient behaviour.McKernan, John; Whidborne, James F.; Papadakis, George
2006A linear state-space representation of plane Poiseuille flow for control design: a tutorial.McKernan, John; Papadakis, George; Whidborne, James F.
2008Minimizing transient energy growth in plane Poiseuille flowWhidborne, James F.; McKernan, John; Papadakis, George
2008A numerical investigation into the effect of engine bleed on performance of a single-spool turbojet engine.Rahman, N. U.; Whidborne, James F.
2005On minimizing maximum transient energy growthWhidborne, James F.; McKernan, John; Steer, Anthony J.
2007On the Minimization of Maximum Transient Energy Growth.Whidborne, James F.; McKernan, John
2005Optimal Controller and Filter Realisations using Finite-precision, Floating- point Arithmetic.Whidborne, James F.; Gu, Da-Wei; Wu, Jun; Chen, Sheng
2004Optimal realizations of floating-point implemented digital controllers with finite word length considerations.Wu, J.; Chen, S.; Whidborne, James F.; Chu, J.
2011Road vehicle state estimation using low-cost GPS/INSTin Leung, King; Whidborne, James F.; Purdy, David; Barber, Phil
2009Simulation of wake vortex effects for UAVs in close formation flightSaban, Deborah; Whidborne, James F.; Cooke, A. K.
2014Tuning Class E Inverters Applied In Inductive Links Using Saturable ReactorsAldhaher, Samer; Luk, Patrick Chi-Kwong; Whidborne, James F.
2003A Unified Closed-Loop Stability Measure for Finite-Precision Digital Controller Realizations Implemented in Different Representation Schemes.Wu, Jun; Chen, Sheng; Whidborne, James F.; Chu, Jian
Aug-2007A Unifying Framework for Finite Wordlength Realizations.Hilaire, Thibault; Chevrel, Philippe; Whidborne, James F.
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17