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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Development of piezoelectric actuated mechanism for flapping wing micro-aerial vehicle applicationsLal Kummari, K.; Li, Daochun; Guo, Shijun J.; Huang, Zhaorong
2007Direct and converse magnetoelectic effect in laminate bonded Terfenol-D-PZT compositesRecord, P. M.; Popov, C.; Fletcher, J.; Abraham, E.; Huang, Zhaorong; Chang, Harrison Hoon Seok; Whatmore, Roger W.
2008Direct and converse magnetoelectric effect at resonant frequency in laminar piezoelectric-magnetostrictive composite.Popov, C.; Chang, Harrison Hoon Seok; Record, P. M.; Abraham, E.; Whatmore, Roger W.; Huang, Zhaorong
Oct-2008Fabrication of continuous ultrathin ferroelectric films by chemical solution deposition methodsRicotea, J.; Holgado, S.; Huang, Zhaorong; Ramos, P.; Fernandez, R.; Calzada, M. L.
14-Feb-2015Feasibility of an electrostatic energy harvesting device for CFCs aircraftXie, Huiling; Huang, Zhaorong; Guo, Shijun J.; Torru, Ekiyor
2010Impedance measurements for determination of elastic and piezoelectric coefficients of filmsPardo, L.; Jiménez, R.; García, A.; Brebøl, K.; Leighton, Glenn J. T.; Huang, Zhaorong
2004Kinetics of Phase Transformations in Lead Scandium Tantalate Thin Films.Battat, J.; Huang, Zhaorong; Donohue, P. P.; Todd, M. A.; Whatmore, Roger W.
2010Laminate composites with enhanced pyroelectric effects for energy harvestingChang, Harrison Hoon Seok; Huang, Zhaorong
2003A Model of Phase Transition Kinetics in Lead Scandium Tantalate Thin FilmsBattat, J.; Huang, Zhaorong; Donohue, P. P.; Whatmore, Roger W.
Jun-2003Pulse-Extended Excimer Laser Crystallisation of Pb(Zr,Ti)O 3 Thin Films for Integration on Low Thermal Budget Substrates.Donohue, P. P.; Todd, M. A.; Huang, Zhaorong
Jul-2009Pyroelectric effect enhancement through product property under open circuit conditionChang, Harrison Hoon Seok; Huang, Zhaorong
2004Sol-Gel Derived Lead Zirconate Titanate Thick Films and their improved pyroelectric properties.Zhang, Qi; Shaw, Christopher P.; Huang, Zhaorong; Whatmore, Roger W.
10-Feb-2014Strong electron emissions induced and extracted by pyroelectric crystalsHockley, Matthew; Huang, Zhaorong
Apr-2008Substantial pyroelectric effect enhancement in laminated compositesChang, Harrison Hoon Seok; Huang, Zhaorong
2006Theoretical Modelling on the Magnetization by Electric Field Through Product Property.Huang, Zhaorong
2006Ultrahigh resolution of lead zirconate titanate 30/70 domains as imaged by piezoforce microscopy.Dunn, Steve; Shaw, Christopher P.; Huang, Zhaorong; Whatmore, Roger W.
2010Use of the solvent chemistry for the control of the critical thickness of PbTiO3 ultrathin filmsFernandez, R.; Holgado, S.; Huang, Zhaorong; Calzada, M. L.; Ricote, J.
Showing results 4 to 20 of 20