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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2015Achieving rotorcraft noise and emissions reduction for 'Clean Sky' - The measurement of successSmith, Chrissy; Pachidis, Vassilios; Castillo Pardo, Alejandro; Gires, Ezanee; Stevens, Jos; Thevenot, Laurent; d'Ippolito, Roberto
2010A dynamic convergence control scheme for the solution of the radial equilibrium equation in through-flow analysesPachidis, Vassilios; Templalexis, I.; Pilidis, Pericles; Kotsiopoulos, P.
2012Effect of Combustor Geometry on Performance of Airblast Atomizer under Sub- Atmospheric ConditionsGrech, N.; Mehdi, A.; Zachos, Pavlos K.; Pachidis, Vassilios; Singh, R.
2010The effect of upstream duct boundary layer growth and compressor blade lean angle variation on an axial compressor performanceTemplalexis, I.; Pachidis, Vassilios; Pilidis, Pericles; Kotsiopoulos, P.
2011Experimental and numerical investigation of a compressor cascade at highly negative incidenceZachos, Pavlos K.; Grech, N.; Charnley, B.; Pachidis, Vassilios; Singh, R.
Jan-2006Gas Turbine Advanced Performance SimulationPachidis, Vassilios
23-Aug-2017Impact of adverse environmental conditions on rotorcraft operational performance and pollutant emissionsOrtiz Carretero, Jesus; Castillo Pardo, Alejandro; Goulos, Ioannis; Pachidis, Vassilios
8-Sep-2017The impact of clean sky technology on future 3500 lb single engine light rotorcraftEnconniere, Julien; Ortiz Carretero, Jesus; Goulos, Ioannis; Pachidis, Vassilios; Smith, C.; Stevens, J.; d'Ippolito, R.; Thevenot, L.
May-2016Improvements in the rotorcraft fuel economy and environmental impact through multiple-landing mission strategyAli, Fakhre; Goulos, Ioannis; Pachidis, Vassilios
31-Jan-2015An integrated methodology to assess the operational and environmental performance of a conceptual regenerative helicopterAli, Fakhre; Goulos, Ioannis; Pachidis, Vassilios
15-Jun-2017Mission performance analysis of a conceptual coaxial rotorcraft for air taxi applicationsEnconniere, Julien; Ortiz Carretero, Jesus; Pachidis, Vassilios
30-Jun-2013Mission performance simulation of integrated helicopter–engine systems using an aeroelastic rotor modelGoulos, Ioannis; Giannakakis, Panos; Pachidis, Vassilios; Pilidis, Pericles
13-Nov-2016Modelling and analysis of coupled flap-lag-torsion vibration characteristics helicopter rotor bladesCastillo Pardo, Alejandro; Goulos, Ioannis; Pachidis, Vassilios
30-Jul-2015Multi-objective optimization of a regenerative rotorcraft powerplant: quantification of overall engine weight and fuel economyAli, Fakhre; Tzanidakis, Konstantinos; Goulos, Ioannis; Pachidis, Vassilios; d'Ippolito, Roberto
11-Oct-2016On the performance of simulation of inter-stage turbine reheatPellegrini, Alvise; Nikolaidis, Theoklis; Pachidis, Vassilios; Köhler, Stephan
30-Jul-2015Optimized powerplant configurations for improved rotorcraft operational performanceFakhre, Ali; Tzanidakis, Konstantinos; Goulos, Ioannis; Pachidis, Vassilios; d'Ippolito, Roberto
2011Stochastic axial compressor variable geometry schedule optimisationGallar, L.; Arias, M.; Pachidis, Vassilios; Singh, R.
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17