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1-Apr-2015Application of laser in seam welding of dissimilar steel to aluminium joints for thick structural componentsMartins Meco, Sonia Andreia; Rodrigues Pardal, Goncalo; Ganguly, Supriyo; Williams, Stewart W.; McPherson, Norman
3-Mar-2015Application of local mechanical tensioning and laser processing to refine microstructure and modify residual stress state of a multi-pass 304L austenitic steels weldsSule, Jibrin; Ganguly, Supriyo; Coules, Harry E.; Pirling, T.
2014Characterisation of residual stress state and distortion in welded plates stress engineered by local mechanical tensioningGanguly, Supriyo; Wescott, A.; Nagy, T.; Colegrove, Paul A.; Williams, Stewart W.
21-Feb-2015Comparative study of evolution of residual stress state by local mechanical tensioning and laser processing of ferritic and austenitic structural steel welds.Sule, Jibrin; Ganguly, Supriyo; Coules, Harry E.; Pirling, T.
2011Comparison of joining efficiency and residual stresses in laser and laser hybrid weldingSuder, Wojciech; Ganguly, Supriyo; Williams, Stewart W.; Paradowska, A. M.; Colegrove, Paul A.
14-Nov-2012Conduction mode: broadening the range of applications for laser weldingAssuncao, D. E.; Ganguly, Supriyo; Yapp, David; Williams, Stewart W.
Jan-2016Dissimilar metal joining of stainless steel and titanium using copper as transition metalPardal, Goncalo; Ganguly, Supriyo; Williams, Stewart W.; Vaja, Jay
18-Jan-2016Effect of high-pressure rolling followed by laser processing on mechanical properties, microstructure and residual stress distribution in multi-pass welds of 304L stainless steelSule, Jibrin; Ganguly, Supriyo; Suder, Wojciech; Pirling, Thilo
2014Effect of laser processing parameters on the formation of intermetallic compounds in Fe-Al dissimilar weldingMeco, Sonia; Ganguly, Supriyo; Williams, Stewart W.; McPherson, Norman
2003The Effects of Residual Stress and HAZ on Fatigue Crack Growth in MIG Welded 2024 and 7150 AluminiumLin, J.; Ganguly, Supriyo; Edwards, L.; Irving, Phil E.
13-Jul-2017Fundamental understanding of the interaction of continuous wave laser with aluminiumCoroado, Júlio; Meco, Sónia; Williams, Stewart; Ganguly, Supriyo; Suder, Wojciech; Quintino, Luísa; Assunção, Eurico
9-Jun-2016Investigation of dissimilar metal welds by energy-resolved neutron imagingTresmin, Anton S.; Ganguly, Supriyo; Meco, Sonia; Pardo, Goncalo; Shinohara, Takenao; Feller, Bruce
Mar-2017Laser spot welding of laser textured steel to aluminiumPardal, Goncalo; Meco, Sonia; Dunn, Andrew; Williams, Stewart W.; Ganguly, Supriyo; Hand, Duncan P.; Wlodarczyk, Krystian L.
10-Apr-2017Laser welding of steel to aluminium: thermal modelling and joint strength analysisMeco, Sonia; Cozzolino, Luis; Ganguly, Supriyo; Williams, Stewart; McPherson, Norman
2010Problems in using a comb sample as a stress-free reference for the determination of welding residual stress by diffractionGanguly, Supriyo; Edwards, L.; Fitzpatrick, M. E.
22-Dec-2016Residual Stress Characterization and Control in the Additive Manufacture of Large Scale Metal StructuresWilliams, Stewart W.; Colegrove, Paul A.; Ganguly, Supriyo
May-2017Root stability in hybrid laser weldingSuder, Wojciech; Ganguly, Supriyo; Williams, Stewart; Yudodibroto, Bagus
2004Simulation of fatigue behaviour in fusion welded 2024-T351Lefebvre, F.; Serrano, G.; Ganguly, Supriyo; Sinclair, I.
26-May-2016Stress engineering of multi-pass weld metal to enhance structural integrityGanguly, Supriyo; Sule, Jibrin; Yakubu, Mustapha Y.
2011Thermo-mechanical analysis of Wire and Arc Additive Layer Manufacturing process on large multi-layer partsDing, J.; Colegrove, Paul A.; Mehnen, Jorn; Ganguly, Supriyo; Sequeira Almeida, P. M.; Wang, F.; Williams, Stewart W.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 23