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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Cabin environment and air quality in civil transport aircraftZhou, Weiguo
Sep-2004CAD interface and framework for curve optimisation applicationsMunaux, Olivier
2008Calorimetric Investigations of a Series of Energetic PolyphosphazenesContini, Alessandro E
Nov-2003Capacitance Tip Timing Techniques in Gas TurbinesLawson, Craig
Sep-1995CAP-DAIRY: computer aided planning of dairy farmsRodrigues, Luiz Henrique Antunes
Apr-2003Capital productivity and investment : their role in profitable airline operationsMorrell, Peter
Jan-2011Capturing and assessing the chemical milling process capabilitySun, Yuhui
Jan-2009Career benefits of an MBA for British and Taiwanese woman managers : adopting a career-capital perspectiveChen, Aurora S.
Aug-2008Career plateauing in older managers: A systematic literature reviewBown-Wilson, Dianne
Apr-2011Career progression in older managers : motivational and gender differencesBown-Wilson, Dianne
Mar-2003Career progression of black managersHorsford, Bernard I.
Mar-2010Cascade Testing and CFD Applied to Gas Turbine Performance Improvement with Compressor CleaningGannan, Aiad
Apr-2004A Case study examination of managerial activities in four UK trade unions formed by mergerDempsey, Michael
Jan-1980Cavitation of superplastic alloys: a study using a hot microhardness techniqueSohal, Gurnam Singh
Oct-2007CCGT performance simulation and diagnostics for operations optimisation and risk managementMucino, Marco
Oct-2006CFD Analyses of Centrifugal Pumps with Emphasis on Factors Affecting Internal Pressure PulsationsSpence, R.
2008CFD design analysis of ventilated disc brakesPulugundla, Gautam
Jul-1996CFD modelling of solid propellant ignitionLowe, C.
Jun-1996CFD prediction of coupled radiation heat transfer and soot production in turbulent flamesBressloff, N. W.
Sep-1995Changing identities, changing landscapes: The long term dynamics of human - land relations in the ASPRE, RoussillonO'Rourke, Eileen
Showing results 202 to 221 of 1987