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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2009Anaerobic digestion foaming causes – A reviewGanidi, Nafsika; Tyrrel, Sean F.; Cartmell, Elise
2010An assessment of microbiological water quality of six water source categories in north-east UgandaParker, Alison; Youlten, R.; Dillon, M.; Nussbaumer, T.; Carter, Richard C.; Tyrrel, Sean F.; Webster, James
2004Assuring the microbiological quality of water used to irrigate salad crops: an assessment of the options availableTyrrel, Sean F.; Knox, Jerry W.; Burton, C. H.; Weatherhead, E. K.
Nov-2008Bioremediation of leachate from a green waste composting facility using waste-derived filter mediaTyrrel, Sean F.; Seymour, I.; Harris, Jim A.
2008Comparison of a novel enzymatic biodegradability test method with microbial degradation methodsWagland, Stuart Thomas; Godley, Andrew R.; Frederickson, Jim; Tyrrel, Sean F.; Smith, Richard
Mar-2005Compost liquor bioremediation using waste materials as biofiltration media.Savage, A. J.; Tyrrel, Sean F.
2007Development and application of an Enzymatic Hydrolysis test to assess the biodegradability of organic waste materialWagland, Stuart Thomas; Smith, Richard; Godley, A. R.; Tyrrel, Sean F.; Blakey, N.
2003The effect of incorporating slurries on the transport of faecal coliforms in overland flow.Quinton, John N.; Tyrrel, Sean F.; Ramos, María C.
2011The effect of organic loading rate on foam initiation during mesophilic anaerobic digestion of municipal wastewater sludgeGanidi, Nafsika; Tyrrel, Sean F.; Cartmell, Elise
Jan-2006Effects of cattle manure on erosion rates and runoff water pollution by faecal coliforms.Ramos, María C.; Quinton, John N.; Tyrrel, Sean F.
2009Endotoxin emissions from commercial composting activitiesDeacon, Lewis J.; Pankhurst, Louise J.; Liu, Jian; Drew, Gillian H.; Hayes, Enda T.; Jackson, Simon; Longhurst, James; Longhurst, Philip J.; Pollard, Simon J. T.; Tyrrel, Sean F.
2012Engineering difference: Matrix design determines community composition in wastewater treatment systemsHarris, Jim A.; Baptista, J. D. C.; Curtis, T. P.; Nelson, A. K.; Pawlett, Mark; Ritz, K.; Tyrrel, Sean F.
27-Jul-2016An experimental investigation of the combustion performance of human faecesOnabanjo, Tosin; Kolios, Athanasios; Patchigolla, Kumar; Wagland, Stuart Thomas; Fidalgo Fernandez, Beatriz; Jurado Pontes, Nelia; Hanak, Dawid Piotr; Manovic, Vasilije; Parker, Alison; McAdam, Ewan J.; Williams, Leon; Tyrrel, Sean F.; Cartmell, Elise
23-Feb-2017Field-scale evaluation of biosolids-derived organomineral fertilizers applied to winter wheat in EnglandAntille, Diogenes Luis; Godwin, Richard J.; Sakrabanic, Ruben; Seneweerad, Saman; Tyrrel, Sean F.; Johnston, A. Edward
8-Nov-2016Fingerprinting outdoor air environment using microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) – A reviewGarcia-Alcega, Sonia; Nasir, Z. A.; Ferguson, Robert; Whitby, Corinne; Dumbrell, Alex J.; Colbeck, I.; Gomes, D. M.; Tyrrel, Sean F.; Coulon, Frederic
12-Nov-2015Fluorescence based detection of bioaerosols to improve emissions characterization from environmental sourcesNasar, Zaheer Ahmad; Tyrrel, Sean F.
2011A geospatial approach to assessing microbiological water quality risks associated with irrigation abstractionKnox, Jerry W.; Tyrrel, Sean F.; Daccache, A.; Weatherhead, E. K.
2011Investigation of the application of an enzyme-based biodegradability test method to a municipal solid waste biodrying processWagland, Stuart Thomas; Godley, Andrew R.; Tyrrel, Sean F.
4-Aug-2016Long-term impact of sewage sludge application on soil microbial biomass: An evaluation using meta-analysisCharlton, Alex; Sakrabani, Ruben; Tyrrel, Sean F.; Rivas Casado, Monica; McGrath, Steve P.; Crooks, Bill; Cooper, Pat; Campbell, Colin D.
13-May-2005Mechanisms leading to post-supply water quality deterioration in rural Honduran communitiesTrevett, Andrew F.; Carter, Richard C.; Tyrrel, Sean F.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 29