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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jul-2017Aged-engineered nanoparticles effect on sludge anaerobic digestion performance and associated microbial communitiesEduok, Samuel; Ferguson, Robert; Jefferson, Bruce; Villa, Raffaella; Coulon, Frederic
10-Jun-2016Assessing the potential for tertiary nitrification in sub-surface flow constructed wetlandsButterworth, Eleanor; Richards, Andrew; Jones, Mark; Dotro, Gabriela; Jefferson, Bruce
29-Nov-2016Assessment of activated sludge, membrane bioreactors and vertical flow wetlands for upgrading sewage treatment worksLe Corre Pidou, Kristell; Dotro, Gabriela; Jefferson, Bruce
2005Assessment of municipal waste compost as a daily cover material for odour control at landfill sites.Hurst, C.; Longhurst, Philip J.; Pollard, Simon J. T.; Smith, Richard; Jefferson, Bruce; Gronow, Jan R.
23-Jan-2013Ballasted flotation with glass microspheres for removal of natural organic matterJarvis, Peter; Martin, John; Winspear, Tracey; Jefferson, Bruce
18-Sep-2014Biogas upgrading by chemical absorption using ammonia rich absorbents derived from wastewaterMcLeod, Andrew J.; Jefferson, Bruce; McAdam, Ewan J.
10-Dec-2016Carbonaceous and nitrogenous disinfection by-product formation from algal organic matterGoslan, Emma Harriet; Seigle, CĂ©line; Purcell, Diane; Henderson, Rita Kay; Parsons, Simon A.; Jefferson, Bruce; Judd, Simon J.
25-Feb-2015The characterization of feces and urine: a review of the literature to inform advanced treatment technologyRose, C.; Parker, Alison; Jefferson, Bruce; Cartmell, Elise
Jun-2009Chemical and biological oxidation of NOM surrogates and effect on HAA formationBond, Tom; Goslan, Emma Harriet; Jefferson, Bruce; Roddick, F.; Fan, L.; Parsons, Simon A.
2012Comparison of coagulation performance and floc properties using a novel zirconium coagulant against traditional ferric and alum coagulantsJarvis, Peter; Sharp, Emma; Pidou, Marc; Molinder, Roger; Parsons, Simon A.; Jefferson, Bruce
Feb-2010Comparison of the disinfection by-product formation potential of treated waters exposed to chlorine and monochloramineBougeard, M. M.; Goslan, Emma Harriet; Jefferson, Bruce; Parsons, Simon A.
2009Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Flocculation in Water Treatment: A ReviewBridgeman, J.; Jefferson, Bruce; Parsons, Simon A.
17-Sep-2014Controlling shell-side crystal nucleation in a gas-liquid membrane contactor for simultaneous ammonium bicarbonate recovery and biogas upgradingMcLeod, Andrew J.; Autin, Olivier; Jefferson, Bruce; McAdam, Ewan J.
15-Jan-2014Diagnosis of an anaerobic pond treating temperate domestic wastewater: An alternative sludge strategy for small worksCruddas, Peter; Wang, K.; Best, D.; Jefferson, Bruce; Cartmell, Elise; Parker, Alison; McAdam, Ewan J.
Dec-2015Dissolved methane recovery from anaerobic effluents using hollow fibre membrane contactorsCookney, Joanna; McLeod, Andrew J.; Mathioudakis, Vasileios; Ncube, Philani; Soares, Ana; Jefferson, Bruce; McAdam, Ewan J.
26-Nov-2015Effect of elevated UV dose and alkalinity on metaldehyde removal and THM formation with UV/TiO2 and UV/H2O2Jefferson, Bruce; Jarvis, Peter; Bhagianathan, Govind Kannoly; Smith, Heather M.; Autin, Olivier; Goslan, Emma Harriet; MacAdam, Jitka; Carra, Irene
24-Oct-2016The effect of high hydraulic loading rate on the removal efficiency of a quadruple media filter for tertiary wastewater treatmentNcube, Philani; Pidou, Marc; Stephenson, Tom; Jefferson, Bruce; Jarvis, Peter
5-May-2017Energy recovery from immobilised cells of Scenedesmus obliquus after wastewater treatmentGomez San Juan, Marta; Ometto, F.; Whitton, Rachel; Pidou, Marc; Jefferson, Bruce; Villa, Raffaella
14-Jun-2013Evaluation of engineered nanoparticle toxic effect on wastewater microorganisms: current status and challengesEduok, Samuel; Martin, R.; Villa, Raffaella; Nocker, Andreas; Jefferson, Bruce; Coulon, Frederic
2009Fouling control of a membrane coupled photocatalytic process treating greywaterPidou, Marc; Parsons, Simon A.; Raymond, Gaelle; Jeffrey, Paul; Stephenson, Tom; Jefferson, Bruce
Showing results 1 to 20 of 49